Dress Code For The Seasonal Shift

NYC dress code currently. One minute it’s humid and hot, the next it’s below freezing. Oh that in between time, it’s making me sick. Coughing my life away and fighting to keep my voice. Thank God for whiskey and tea. Am I still gonna smoke weed? Yes. Am I still gonna wear tiny outfits under extravagant coats? Yes. I won’t let winter win, I’ll be fine. How do you transition between seasons? Via: Founding Fabric

Business Mixed With Pleasure

When the weekend goes by too quickly and you’re not ready for work. It’s called business casual. Kind of like a mullet, except the parties in the front, business in the back. Business and pleasure meet when you do what you love, am I right? Via: Yasmeen Ghauri Archive

Me Keeping My Promises

Me dancing on my enemies graves as promised.

Oh me, oh my, everything is going better than planned. Evidence is just falling right into my lap. Damn it feels good to be divine, beautiful, a future multi-billionaire. Thanks Hollywood, but I couldn’t have done it without Melanie ugly, untalented, weirdo, uneven face Hamrick. Her felonies have blessed me an infinite amount. God, the almighty is good. We’ve only just begun. A star, a goddess, a queen witch is born. Remember everyone, karma always comes, do no harm, but take no shit. You deserve to be respected and choose who and what you wanna be. Xoxo Athena. Via: Exultant.Motifs

Outfits For My Enemies Funerals

A benevolent divine who plays it like a villain. Honestly, I love getting to be evil to those deserving of it. As everyone is realizing my plans are unraveling as I desired, I’m thinking of the outfits I’ll wear to end careers, legacies, ruin lives. Told you I take long to get mean, then there’s no more chances.
You have to set boundaries and teach people how to treat you. Teach people lessons they’ll never forget. Which outfit would you choose for the ops demise? Via: Pink Reference

Set For The Future

Me walking into my abundance while you all process the plot twist. Live in the now, but plan for the future. Hi, I’m the future. Via: La_Fashion_Village

Category Is: Checkered Glamour

Checkers? No honey, they came to play chess! Know the difference. Checkers is for the myopic minded, chess is for the complex. The latter requires you not only to be in your opponents head, but think long term, seeing all possible options, and moving the board in your favor. Forcing your opponent into the moves you want, by being ten steps ahead, whereas in checkers you only need to be one. In chess you must play out the scenarios in advance -if I do this, they’ll do that- the pieces you lose are intentional for the big. Which one of these Queen’s screams checkmate? Via: Yasmeen Ghauri Stan, Tribute To The Beatles Girls & Louis Thornfeldt

A Place In The Sun

ME causally ruining your lives, ya tu sabes. Where I’m from being an evil bitch is a prerequisite, I had to learn be nicer. Now I’m only horrible to those who truly warrant it. A treat! Karma is a bitch after all, I mean look at me. Do you think I care? Photographer: Marc Hispard

Category Is: Changing Weather…

All black, or you’re disqualified. It’s that time, hot during the day brick at night. Which stay ready so you don’t have to get ready, should I wear a hoodie or jacket, I can’t wait til this weather sticks, look is for you? Via: Getty Images, Velvey. JPG & Shinko Music

Supermodel 101: Yasmeen Ghauri

Definitely going to be starting supermodel 101, only for the icons. A name you must remember 90’s super goddess, Yasmeen. I mean absolutely stunning. One of Canada’s hottest exports honey. Is she your favorite 90’s supermodel? Photos: Getty Images