Set For The Future

Me walking into my abundance while you all process the plot twist. Live in the now, but plan for the future. Hi, I’m the future. Via: La_Fashion_Village

Category Is: Checkered Glamour

Checkers? No honey, they came to play chess! Know the difference. Checkers is for the myopic minded, chess is for the complex. The latter requires you not only to be in your opponents head, but think long term, seeing all possible options, and moving the board in your favor. Forcing your opponent into the moves you want, by being ten steps ahead, whereas in checkers you only need to be one. In chess you must play out the scenarios in advance -if I do this, they’ll do that- the pieces you lose are intentional for the big. Which one of these Queen’s screams checkmate? Via: Yasmeen Ghauri Stan, Tribute To The Beatles Girls & Louis Thornfeldt

A Place In The Sun

ME causally ruining your lives, ya tu sabes. Where I’m from being an evil bitch is a prerequisite, I had to learn be nicer. Now I’m only horrible to those who truly warrant it. A treat! Karma is a bitch after all, I mean look at me. Do you think I care? Photographer: Marc Hispard

Category Is: Changing Weather…

All black, or you’re disqualified. It’s that time, hot during the day brick at night. Which stay ready so you don’t have to get ready, should I wear a hoodie or jacket, I can’t wait til this weather sticks, look is for you? Via: Getty Images, Velvey. JPG & Shinko Music