Happy Birthday Queen Z

On this day 27 years ago a queen was born. Happy birthday to the beautiful, intelligent, talented, triple threat Zendaya. I can’t believe you’re so young, what a wise soul.
I chose this shoot, because it displays your versatility and strength. May you have a blessed year. What’s your favorite Zendaya moment or work? Via: Elle USA

Michelle Yeoh Is Just Beginning

Life isn’t this linear thing. The unexpected can happen suddenly, at any age, out of nowhere. Michelle Yeoh is 60 years old and just in her prime. Major, like this shoot. Don’t let society dictate your timeline. Do you boo, or you just might miss out on something fantastic. Via: Elle Magazine

Nina Garcia Is…

Literally the reason I stayed with Project Runway, but most importantly my inner voice when I’m critiquing something. I go straight into Nina mode, all the gestures, faces and her voice take me over. Who’s your analytical spirit animal? Via: Nina Garcia

Awake Your Inner Child With Extreme Makeup

When we were little the simplest things gave us joy. Now’s the time to reconnect to your inner child, the one who believed in magic. We created just for creations sake, just because we could and we were grateful. Pick a look to recreate, improvise with whatever materials are accessible to you. Get your friends to join, send each other pictures. Photos: Cindy Chen Designs, Elle Magazine and Visible June