Tom Ford S/S 21

Love this collection, a perfect balance of saturated brights and muted pastels. Chic, clean and fluid with the silk textures and floral patterns. Which look is your favorite? Via: Premier Models Photographer: Ferry Van Der Nat

Summer Fall Vibes

Well it’s that time of year, the in between fake summer and false fall. This is how we get got with the flu, improper dressing. Compounding the issue Covid-19. Wear layers people! Maybe this is what Sheree meant when speaking about her clothing line. Are you going the extremely long denim pants, a vest and long sleeved gloves, or the oversized blazer sleeves, with slightly oversized velvet pants route? Which is your summer fall vibe? Via:Black Is King & Hand In Fire Insta

New Season Who Dis?

These designs scream Fall is coming. Usually we associate darker colors with cooler seasons, so this is a cute take. Like most black people, I knew summer was over when I saw how ashy my hands were today. Shit was wild. Shout out to my Asian sister, after doing my nails she hooked me up with oil. Time to get a new tube of Trader Joe’s hand lotion. Which set do you prefer? Via: Goddess Provisions (Top) Munchis Love (Bottom)

Perfectly Cluttered

Love this contemporary, rustic, artistic vibe. Can always appreciate when something is perfectly overdone. Perfectly cluttered or nah? Via: Les Parisennes Du Monde

Style With Dorit Kemsley

Pure glamour. Being loyal to Lisa Vanderpump has left me side eyeing all who have betrayed her, but Dorit has grown on me this season. She’s matured out of the mean girl bunch, but still brings her fair share of drama. Most importantly she’s successfully usurped Erika Jayne as the queen of housewives glam. Jayne started it, but Dorit took that crown off the frosted blonde head and plopped it right onto hers. Bitch is SERVING LOOKS, from intricate hairstyles to curated shoes. A mix between streetwear chic and vintage ladies like Lee Radziwell. Think twice before meeting up with her, because dressing down is pearl lined hair and full Chanel. Let’s talk about the conscious effort in look six. The blue with white shoe straps that play up the white print on the blouse, pants and hair tie. Subtle sophistication. She’s giving me white Thelma from Good Times vibes with that one. Which look is your fave? Via: Dorit Kemsley’s instagram

Style With Marii Pazz

Talk about glamour honey, this is it. Black, beautiful and swagged out. Give me opulence, give me decadence, give me consciousness, give me style! Marii Pazz I love it all, she’s wearing some of the same pieces I’ve seen on others, just put together so much better. I would wear every look as is. GO OFF SIS! Which outfit is your favorite? I can’t choose!

Transparent Charm Clog

Ambivalent about these Shop Glam Co shoes. I despise crocs, but these are the cutest I’ve ever seen them. I hate the fucking shape so much, but I love the color scheme and jewels. Cute or no? I think they’re ugly cute. Via: Shop Glam Co