Spiraling From Anxiety Or Depression?

Don’t knock it before you try it. If you aren’t feeling your best complete this list and start anew. Spiraling is a result of the mind controlling you, rather than you controlling the mind. These task will center you, ground you, make you present. Afterwards, when you’re ready, reflect on what’s triggering your descent. What else can you add to this list? I would say mediating. Artist: Keeley Shaw

Four S’s With Cher & Greg

If hair were a couple goal category, Cher and Greg Allman win. It’s so incredibly glamorous and seventies, sexy, sensual, silky. Another underrated Halloween costume, everyone always does Sonny & Cher.
You welcome in advance.
Back when there were standards, not shameless fame for fame sakers trying to get attention, because they feel entitled to be talentless. Add another S adjective. Photographer: Terry O’ Neil

Happy Birthday Yoko

Yesterday a bad bitch was born.
No, she is NOT responsible for breaking up The Beatles, but having your name turn into an international, certifiable reference forevermore is major. An underrated Halloween costume for sure, there are so many phases to choose from. An icon. Which Yoko period is your favorite? Photographer: Matthew Placek

Ghosting Lessons

I ghosted someone once, the friend of a friend. We went on a date and he bored the hell out of me. When he messaged for a second go I didn’t respond. Of course I saw him at the next house party where he confronted me, making me look like the total asshole I was. I just felt so bad. How do you tell someone staring at paint dry is more entertaining than wining and dining with them? God that party was awkward. Ghosting isn’t nice, but sometimes necessary; the biggest lesson was don’t do it to someone with whom you share a mutual best friend. Have you ever ghosted? Why? Have you ever been ghosted? Via: Dartness

To Be Treated Right

Respect is a requirement.
Anyone who makes you feel bad for wanting to be treated properly isn’t someone who belongs in your life. Before a trip to Paris I allowed people I grew up with to mistreat me, feeling that years equated to undying loyalty. On multiple occasions I’ve given them the opportunity to prove they can change, but again they took my kindness for weakness and continued to exhibit poor behavior. If someone genuinely cares about you this won’t be a problem. If it is, have enough self-love to walk away.

No matter who the person is, they’re not entitled to degrade you for their empowerment. Not family. Not friends. Not employers, or co-workers. Not unscrupulous celebrities. I have every right to defend myself against those who’ve picked on me, antagonized me, been complicit, told lies about me, back racist to spite even though they profit off injustice (your karma will come), lied on me…I did NOTHING wrong, they did. I will give the same energy, showing no mercy. Are there people making you feel bad for asking to be treated properly? Artist: The Female Warhol

Supermodel 101: Tyra Banks

Growing up we received a bevy of magazine subscriptions, including Victoria’s Secret. Had Tyra Banks even glanced at my dad he would’ve spontaneously combusted happily. This man was obsessed, OBSESSED with her in the nineties. Any cover with Tyra was purchased and left on the counter for the eyes of all.
Scouted by Elite at age 17 she was the first African American model to cover Victoria’s Secret, GQ and Sports Illustrated. A bodacious bod, glimmering green eyes and a forehead that makes her look like a hot alien, this baddy was able to parlay her modeling career into acting (Fresh Prince, Coyote Ugly and Life Size), hosting (The Tyra Banks Show and DWTS) and countless other entrepreneurial enterprises. But it was the groundbreaking America’s Next Top Model that made her the star of iconic memes (passing out and asking if the girls were scared, screaming at Tiffany WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU), phrases (ho but make it fashion), creating careers (Winnie Harlow & Eva Marcille) and a legendary wordsmith (smize = smiling with your eyes).

Some would say she’s insane, but we let her get away with it because she’s funny, entertaining and well, pretty people privilege. A mother of one she has no plans of slowing down her ever growing empire. Anyone who tries to stop her can kiss her fat black ass! She does the most, but she takes accountability and we love her for it. You wanna be on top? Photos: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Victorias’s Secret, Tyra Banks Instagram and L’Officiel

You Can See Inside Me

Two people, just meeting
Barely touching each other
Two spirits greeting
Trying to carry it further

You are one
And I am another
We should be one
Inside each other
You can see inside me
Will you come inside me?
Do you wanna ride inside my love?

Photographer: Robin Lirb

Winner Of Valentine’s Day 2021

Michelle Williams beat everybody’s a** this V-Day. Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, tbh I was shocked, I’ve never seen her so glamorous. Work it bitch, you outshined everyone yesterday. Eyebrows perfect. Hairstyle perfect. Outfit perfect. Decor PERFECT. Am I right, or am I right? Via: Some Like It Haute