Via Friday. Fries

Someone got the art of CB Hoyo tatted on their arm. That’s super damn cool. A stern reminder to stop trying to be everyone else. I scroll through instagram and see these big lipped, big bottomed, all look the same, can’t tell you apart people and it makes me sad. They are so insecure in their individuality, they want to fit in like sheep. Don’t change your appearance for anyone but you, don’t dim your light, or dumb yourself down. Be honest, are you changing things about yourself to fit in?

Clean And Clear Skin

People who know me are always flummoxed that I don’t wear foundation, nor do I contour my face. Fortunately enough I was born with bone structure, so there’s no need for that. As I’ve said in prior post, my skin routine is French AF. I am dedicated to taking care of my skin, as opposed to dousing it in pounds of make up. Part of my routine is washing my face daily, with Clean and Clear.

I go between the blackhead eraser and the deep action scrubs. Both work. The key components being that they exfoliate my skin and have salicylic acid, an essential ingredient in fighting acne and removing blemishes. If you don’t exfoliate you’re literally walking around with dead skin piled on your face. Yuck!

These cleansers are oil free, don’t dry out your skin and are gentle enough to use everyday. So I do. For other face clearing tips peep the links below:

Egg mask:
Aztec Mark:

Giambattista Valli Couture 18

Honest to god, it was like pulling my arm out of the socket narrowing down which looks to post. The whole collection is breathtaking. Orgasmic. The blue dress with the orange feathers, looks like koi fish jumping out of a pond filled with water lilies. Stunning. Which look is your favorite?

Tegan, NY & Nathan

…but New York City was a wild card.
Every hour was made up of a series
of chances, and choosing to walk down
one street
instead of another
had the potential to change
whom you met, what you saw or were
spared from seeing.

The Zone Of Venus

“A fierce mind was behind those eyes, a sharp intelligence that was only just waking up. She was a force to be reckoned with…”

Artist: Sir Joshua Reynolds

A Rule Of Thumb

Always remember to be kind, especially when you’re in a position of power. There is absolutely no reason to treat other people poorly, just because you can. As a society we get so competitive with one another, when the only person you need to compete with is yourself. We are all unique individuals, snowflakes, fingerprints, the ever changing moment, we all serve our purpose. There is enough room for everyone.

My first happy hour as a creative director went astoundingly well, especially for being last minute. I pulled everything together in less than 24 hours. This was my third day on the job. Easily I could have been big-headed, talked smack to anyone whose ever wronged me, and displayed a multitude of unmannerly behavior. But that’s not my vibe. As previous posts stated, I’ve felt states of depression, I’ve gone through traumatic events, I would never want to make anyone feel low. No matter what happens in life, my rule of thumb is “always treat people how you want to be treated.” Something my mother told me.

People who bring down others are miserable and insecure. Happy hoes ain’t hating, hating hoes ain’t happy. Be honest with yourself, have you been discourteous to others? Are you a happy hoe or a hating hoe? Why? Photo: Girlboss