The Right Kind Of People

Being yourself in a world that tells you to fit in and dim your light means you’re a true gem. Your vibe attracts your tribe, whatever energetic vibration you put out is what you’ll get in return. Wasting your time on people you’ve outgrown just blocks the right kind from coming in, always stay true to you. Easier said than done. Are you changing to fit in with others? Why (validation, loneliness, social anxiety…)? Via: Mark Anthony Poet

You’re Staring At The Sun

I am the conscience clear
In pain or ecstasy

And we’re all weaned my dear
Upon the same fatigue

You’re staring at the sun
You’re standing in the sea

Your mouth is open wide
You’re trying hard to breath

The water’s at your neck
There’s lightning in your teeth

Your body’s over me

Photographer: Andrew Kung

Mama Cass Flower Aesthetic

April showers bring May flowers; rejoice in spring with Mama Cass an iconic figure with an amazing voice. When I’m high listening to her sing it feels like my ears are being massaged in the best way. Just crystal. Which shoot would you recreate? Photographers: Henry Diltz, Jerry Schatzberg, Getty Images & Retro Hippies

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

With all the injustice going on it’s more important than ever to celebrate the contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders this month. People who revel in hate are the gutter of humanity. Show your love and support by standing up to violence and racism. Read books, watch films, educate yourself on someone else’s point of view, intervene when you see something horrible, donate to businesses and victims. When’s the last time you immersed yourself in Asian and Pacific Islander culture? What are other ways you can honor these communities? Via: Kevins World Famous Chili

Killing The Ways Of Old

If you are filled with hate and hell bound, you will know when your time is nearly up. The demons who take you to eternity will start to enter your sleep. Was it worth it? No. You can’t take the money with you, can’t guide your loved ones in this dangerous world, or watch over them. You won’t even be able to see what you’ve worked so hard to achieve, it is all for not. A good reference point is the movie Drag Me To Hell, where she chooses money over helping a woman keep her home and couldn’t escape her fate. Look around, have you not seen the bigger picture in humanity, that justice and karma through social movements and more are killing the ways of old? That things beyond what some thought possible are occurring? Did you not wonder why? And where do your values align? Where you align is where you will fall, as I’ve said before and I will say no more. Via: The Fairy Art Mother

What Went Right? Celebrate It

On the plus side 2020 is over and we’re closer to normalcy than ever. It’s easy to focus on what went wrong. Let’s think about what went right, what were three good things that happened to you this week? And what did you learn from the things that went wrong? Take time off to take care of yourself, the little things are worth celebrating. Via: Serge Gainsbourg Daily

Supermodel 101: Beverly Johnson

Gorgeous almond shaped eyes, chiseled cheeks and a jawline that could cut diamonds and bitches, Beverly Johnson is babelicious. In her youth she wanted to be a professional swimmer, switching fields she pursued studies in criminal justice at Northeastern University, where she tried out modeling for a summer. After being rejected by agencies due to racism, she got her big break working for Glamour, where she booked the cover, breaking record sales in 1971. The cultural icon continued to shape the fashion industry, making history as the first black woman on the cover of American Vogue and French Elle. The Vogue shoot led to an influx of black models being hired.

The foxy disco diva went on to grace over 500 magazine covers (Ebony, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan…), strut down major runways (Halston, Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein), became the face of countless campaigns (Danskin, Capri, Revlon, Versace) and has done her signature hand on the hip pose for iconic photographers Francesco Scavullo, Irving Penn and Arthur Elgort. A knockout, she went on to acting after studying with the great Lee Strasberg, getting roles in Martin, Meteor Man and Crossroads.

Not only was her memoir a NYT bestseller, but this mother of one who shares a kid with producer Danny Sims (the man behind Bob Marley’s hits), has a successful luxury brand. When the camera calls though, this beauty still makes time to hit those angles henny.

My favorite part about this badass queen is her activism, expressing her truth about racism in the fashion industry and the difficulties she’s faced. Using her position of power to create change. I’m going to do something different and attach articles to this piece. Beverly deserves to be heard and not just seen (even though she’s fine af). Thank you for your candor and legacy. Which Beverly is your current mood? Photographers: Francesco Scavullo & Getty Images

Fashion Industry Still Racist:

Trauma Of Black Modeling:

Anna Wintour:

Make A Career Of Humanity

It will enrich your spirit as nothing else can.
It will give you that rare sense of nobility that can only spring from love and selflessly helping your fellow man.
Make a career of humanity.

Make it a central part of your life.

Via: Diaspora Art