Introducing The Fling Twins

Pacquita and Shane Fling are a vibe. Love this shoot, the images of doing each others hair are my favorite. Sitting on the floor to have your hair done is a black experience, passed down through generations. It’s sacred. Everything about this epitomizes black women as muses. Which image is your favorite? Photography: Suburban Bayou

Portrait Of Madeleine Grey à la Rose

Rather count a million while you eat my pu**y.”

Think about it, that’s a magnificent activity.

Artist: Kees Van Dongen

Calls From The Other Side

Paranormal lessons come full circle, in my experience. It’s divined.
It was an average Friday; we all separated into smaller groups, or pairs to drop off our belongings at home, before getting wasted for the weekend. Sara and Paula went off together to Sara’s. Paula had a free house as always, that’s where the entire crew was headed. Jenna and I were the first to meet them. Halfway up the block I noticed their ashen faces, expressions filled with fear and disbelief. The vibe was eerie. We stopped our mindless chatter.
“What’s wrong? Why do you guys look like that?” I’d never seen them so visibly shook. My inquisition was met with silence.
“Seriously what’s going on? You’re acting strange,” Jenna pushed.
“If we told you guys, you wouldn’t believe us,” Sara replied teary eyed.
“…What? Are you guys joking? Just tell us,” perplexed, I was perplexed. What could they possibly say to blow our minds?
“We’ll tell you once and then I never want to talk about it again,” Sara said. “We were in the elevator and her phone starts to ring…” she stops and Paula finishes.
“It was my dad so I didn’t pick up, because his numbers been disconnected,” she inhales her cigarette. Exhales. “He left a voicemail.”
“Wait, what?!” Jenna and I said in unison, it must have been.
“I swear to God, it was staticky and said ‘Paula, it’s dad I love you.”
We all stare at each other.
“You’re lying,” I accuse her is disbelief.
“She’s not,” Sara confirms “It was on speaker, I heard it.”

Paula’s dad died when we were in tenth grade, he shot himself in the head. She was devastated, we were devastated for her. His phone was disconnected shortly after, him calling was impossible, he left a voicemail, she played it twice then deleted it. People can call from the grave? I didn’t understand, but Sara’s not a liar. Blunt, bitchy, but never a liar. We were silent until others pulled up to break the tension. An unspoken agreement, we keep it to ourselves. Cut to…

Over a decade later I’m watching Celebrity Ghost Stories. This black actor is on. I cannot for the life of me remember who, but the story is unforgettable. He goes home to the hood between shooting, while there he stays with his mom and grandmother. Every time a certain childhood friend comes around to see him, they go out of their way to turn him away. Finally he catches his grandmother doing so while descending the stairs, he’s midway when she closes the door. Now this friend was from the streets, gang banging and what not, the actor lucked out finding a different path. Days later his mom tells him the boys been shot. Turns out his matriarchs kept him away, because they saw death around his eyes and knew his time was up.
Shortly after that the actor receives a call, he picks up, it’s his deceased friend.
“Help me, help me, you gotta get me out of here,” his dead friend says.
The actor hears a deep voice amongst the noise, scream “Get back here.” His friend screams no, noooooooo and the phone hangs up. He was calling from hell. Now I’m teary eyed, you can get calls from the dead…Paula’s dad. It all came full circle, the universe designing both experiences for me to experience.

Hell is real. Those aligned with the Kardashian Jenner West coven and Melanie Hamrick, that’s your final destination. I was never joking. You are a soul. When you look into a coffin at a loved ones lifeless body, you always think it’s not them, because the body is a vehicle for your soul. Suddenly it’s a useless inanimate object, a stranger.
You’re going to hell, because it was your choice. I told you what to do to a tee, it was your freewill (a sacred right Melanie doesn’t understand). You cut your life short, you chose eternal damnation. All the evidence was in your face, everything provided for you. How many times did I say the devils come to collect? OWN IT. This world doesn’t need you incarnating again to lower the vibration of humanity.

I’ve seen a demon, at my grandmother’s house during witching hour, waking up my sister and cousin. They saw it too.

It looked like this: short, red eyes, a smile so wide it went off it’s face. The darkest thing I’ve ever seen, with a hat and arms longer than it’s body, curling up, swinging back and forth, never touching the floor. I’ll never forget it. Where do demons come from?…Duh. Was it worth it? Play with me if you want, Monday Wednesday I’ll tell you how a lesson on homeless people went 360 as well. Via: Monsters Amongst Us Podcast & Unworn

When I saw a demon (he wasn’t shadow person, his body wasn’t human form):
Celebrity Ghost Stories (found it!):

Self Care: Zen Out, Or Do Nothing

Maybe you zen out, maybe you do nothing but rest and stuff your face all day, both are forms of self-care. One is spiritual enhancement, the other is resetting from burning out by doing nothing.We all need a day off to take care of ourselves. You can also switch it up, depending on what you need in that moment. How do self-care? When was the last time? Artist: Lainey Molnar

Melanie Hamrick’s Not Hot

First name Anne, last name Raggedy. I mean at this point it’s ABSURD. Melanie went to Japan with her ratty ponytail and weird looking albino roach face and Mick Jagger said I just need her? The Sir Mick Jagger? Who is historically one of the most superficial people on planet Earth. Mick who can have a starlet, a gorgeous influencer, his pick of the litter based on his person alone. Melanie is young and ugly, it’s straight facts. Lwren Scott eats you up at any age. Look at the first photo, Lwren is a million times prettier, I even gave Melanie a head start by not posting side by sides where they are the same age. Even with makeup you look an entire mess. She’s wearing makeup in all these pictures.

Look at the difference in clothes, Melanie has NO BODY, Lwren is va va voom. Not to mention he was happy with her for 13 years. Mick’s kid’s and Luciana Giminez are equally to blame for my evidence gathering. Had they not disrespected his wishes, where he called her evil, to comment on her wall, you wouldn’t have been fooled. Luciana only stopped when she realized she was in danger. None of you are bright, all of you need him to be relevant. Mick is also the most interesting thing bout his baby mama’s. That’s why we have issues, he needs to be the star, use to women clinging to him, I’m my own star with or without him. I’m in a million other dramas before, during, and after this nigga, because we share one soul he can’t process that we are equals. And look where it’s led these women and their children. You all had a chance to make different choices and take action to protect yourselves and your families, just like you took actions to be antagonistic. Let this be a lesson to those watching, don’t let a man validate you. It might send you to hell. Why did she tell me to save you? Lord knows you didn’t prove you’re worth it. Don’t listen to me I can only talk to the dead, see into the future, connect to anybody’s energy (that’s how I found her troll accounts, the Kardashian Jenner West and affiliates troll accounts) and more. I’m only a goddess in charge of where your souls go, or have you not been paying attention?

Happy Belated Birthday Jimmy Page

I’m days late, but happy birthday to Jimmy Page. The extreme dark to Plant’s golden hair light. Founder of one of the greatest bands ever, granted in his times of terror his ego led him to some lengthy guitar solos in concert. What’s your favorite Led Zepplin song? Via: Rock_Y_Glam

More Asian Representation Please

More Asian representation please, including the darker tones. This is dope af, love to see it. Racially profiling people over a social construct isn’t cool, you’re a loser for that. How many diseases did white people inflict on others, especially when stealing America? Get a grip, get a brain, get a spine. STOP ASIAN HATE. Via: British Vogue

Dangerous Women Enjoy Sex For Pleasure

“Women have sex for intimacy. Men have sex for pleasure. That’s what culture tells us. The idea that I’d be shown to enjoy my body, to desire the male form just as strongly as I was desired, to show a woman putting her own physical pleasure at the forefront…it felt daring.

I liked the idea of showing a woman having sex because she wanted to be pleased instead of being desperate to please.”

*I keep telling y’all, find your g-spot, set yourself free:

Artist: Matthew Eguavoen

When She Loved, She Loved Big

My honesty for those use to parasites, or just fake people may be off putting, but you always know where you stand. When someone is transparent like me, there’s no chance for betrayal, distrust, or games. I say how I feel, I’ve always been that way, it was my superlative in high school: most likely to tell it how it is. I don’t have the energy, time, patience, or fear to be fake. It’s not my style. For instance the same friend I had to ditch, in high school we had a best dressed category. Mind you this is Manhattan, so Eva with her put together, boho chic looks won by a landslide. No one voted for the ditched friend, because matching sneakers to your fit wasn’t the vibe in said borough. I was the only one who told the truth, standing in a circle at a party as they attempt to bully answers out of us. No one voted for her, but all of em said they did. What does she do? Add an urban category since she was on yearbook, so she could give herself a fake win. A mess. I’m no longer friends with the people standing in that circle who lied, they proved to be backstabbers, fake, disloyal, shit talkers. That’s the risk you run with opaque people. You may not like what I have to say, but it’s the truth and says everything about my character. You can trust me. When I love, I love big and everybody knows. And if I screw you over, or have plans to ruin your life I make that clear too, have I not? Again you can trust me, if I don’t like you, I don’t like you PERIOD. Are you transparent or opaque? Artist: Cleo Wade

RIP Bob Saget

Bob Saget was a raunchy comedian, which made his straight edge gigs more endearing. Danny Tanner is part of the reason I’m a good person; Full House was my favorite show at some point, I watched it daily for years. Saget sitting with that cheesy music, playing a single dad guiding his three girls, a widower looking for love, taught me morality. When you really think about it the show was revolutionary in terms of a modern family, men taking on feminine duties and catering to women. Bob Saget, thank you for being an icon and a great dad to a nation. Man I still can’t believe it. A legend representing the opposite of toxic masculinity, a real man. What did Bob Saget mean to you? Via: Riley A Jenkins, The Celia Behar & Marie Claire TR