The End Of Mosseri And Zuckerberg

Everything the whistleblower said was true and I have the evidence, in fact today I gained more. Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri participated in every hate crime against me, Athena. He’s the one running the Illuminati currently, is why. Nobody forces a Goddess to do anything, I’m capable of things you can’t even imagine. I’ve been far too kind, it’s time to play with more of my toys.

My evidence against the aforementioned parties prove that the community guidelines aren’t the same for everyone, they’re based off race first and foremost and then who you are. He allowed for me to be called a n*gg*r multiple times, when I reported it he said they had too many reviews, block them. He refused to remove or punish the pages, he himself created a troll account to bully me. I forgot to send that one to my lawyer, I remember now. Yet, when troll accounts reported me for exercising my freedom of speech to defend myself he restricted my activities and accounts. That’s why I’m not only going to be taking his billions, I’ll be removing him and imprisoning him. He shouldn’t be running WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Mass communications of the world, same with Rupert Murdoch (your racketeering article is next, bye ball sack), when you’re a white supremacist (with a wife who wishes she was white, Priscilla Chan and Crystal Minkoff, what’s wrong with being Asian?). He’s changed my settings, controls algorithms and reads private messages. I also have multiple complaints I found from people of color saying they are being treated unfairly. I screenshot it all. Mark and Adam go bye bye. I want all their information from text, emails, phone calls subpoenaed. Enjoy your time. You’re one of the reasons the world is ending. I say who goes to hell and who carries on, you aren’t it. The content is about to get good good. Xoxo Athena. Via: Beef Alert

What Would You Say…

If you received this ring? This question circulated on various Facebook accounts, seemingly disappearing, then resurfacing in my newsfeed, often enough for me to ruminate.

On one hand love should be the only thing that matters. Superficial, materialistic items should be admonished, even sacrificed in the eyes of love, ideally. That is if you’re in search for the authentic kind. In the beginning marriage was a business transaction, a union of status, power and convenience. If anything you were expected to grow into having feelings for one another. Only more recently in human history has its focal point shifted to a soulmate connection.

So would I say yes?

After much pontification my answer is no. I personally want to get married out of love, I’m a die hard romantic like that. To me the person who presents me with this ring doesn’t love me, if they had they would have saved in advance to get something worthy of who I am. I’ve dated broke men, believing in their potential, completely ignoring their current condition. If you can’t afford something better, this is not a time to start a life with another person. Get yourself together then come back. Someone in love would want to give you a rock you’re proud of. This shows lack of planning, lack of financial stability and a future together with more of the same. There are so many payment plans, there’s just no excuse for this.

No shade to the people who have the opposite reaction, different strokes for different folks, different circumstances. So what’s your answer, yes or no? Why?