Thank You Pose!

Just finished binge watching season two of Pose. PERFECTION! The show is a spinoff of the documentary Paris Is Burning, chronicling the lives of participants in ball culture. Thank you to the exquisite women above for adding merriment, love and color to this world. Trans lives matter. Their voices are necessary and if you don’t agree, it cost zero dollars to mind your business. Taking someone’s life, because you don’t condone their choices is abhorrent. Have you judged or tried to understand? Why or why not? What book, documentary or source has enlightened you to their perspective? Via: Innractions

De-Conditioning: If All Lives Matter…

Then why are the advocates who preach it standing by, doing nothing for the litany of innocent people being viciously attacked? As I stated prior this is just another stunt to continue white supremacy, which is truly terrorism. Why do white people feel they are god? That everyone else needs to prove their right to exist? That violence for white power is fine, but looting as a reaction to murder is condemned? Why does this Lyft driver, in his own vehicle, have to prove he’s American to this racist white male? All he asked his passenger to do was wear a mask. Prove yourself to him bigot, last I checked you’re not Native American.

Just more evidence of what I said prior.

Those who say “All Lives Matter” are racist, Uncle Tom’s, or mental slaves who accept being deemed subhuman in a white washed world. An exercise I’ve taken up this week: tagging the ALM puppets in video footage like the one above, limning the hypocrisy, violence and terrorist activities of their platform. I implore you to do the same, hold a mirror, shine a light on their true intention: White is right, everyone else is other:

Romance Of Understanding

Something everyone seeks and it’s free. To be understood is literally the best thing ever; there’s a person who is not only hearing, but listening to you. A rarity. How many people in your life do you feel truly understand you? Does your partner understand you? Could you be more understanding in turn? Via: Girl With Writings

ROlling With The Homies


When hanging out please remember to wear a mask, maybe smoke your own joints. Bring hand sanitizer and stand six feet apart. There have been reports of mass surges, thousands in multiple states! Relax, but don’t be lax (on preventive Coronavirus measures). Via: Dirty 1990s

Nikao Pieces I Dig

“For women who write their own rules”, Nikao is relaunching at five years old. Excited to see what they have in store! Some of their pieces are clunky and unrefined, but I see the vision. Thus far these are the accessories I dig. Industrial, bike culture chic. Which piece is your favorite? Via: Nikao Jewellery

Add Tax To Your Existence

Both sentiments I stand by. Just last week I had the biggest revelation and appreciation for all the mistakes and failures I’ve survived. If I hadn’t dated toxic men, or been around horrible people I’d believe glitter was gold. I am so thankful for all my falls, it’s made me wiser, in turn making life easier to navigate. Also grateful that I value myself. If someone isn’t treating you with respect leave them and don’t look back. You tell people how to treat you with boundaries, or lack thereof. Which one of these do you need to work on, loving your failures or knowing your worth? Via: Amber X Irene

How Do You Make Others Feel?

All the cool kids are doing it. Stop treating people like shit and valuing things. That is all. Do you treat people with as much kindness, understanding and compassion as you could? Via: 8.46am

Happy Birthday Solange

Few people possess the fortitude and resilience of this woman. Having a highly successful sibling all your life is usually advantageous, for Solange it was a means to tear her to shreds. Before A Seat At The Table, she was ridiculed as a teen pregnancy stereotype, who would never make good music, win any awards and destined to live in the shadow of her sister. Never once did she let that stop her from pursuing her passions, Solange refused to let anybody define her but Solange. Ahead of her time, she told society who she was and challenged us to catch up. The embodiment of The Tortoise & The Hare, go at your own pace and you’ll succeed. I hope this grammy winning goddess, has the best birthday. I really don’t even think I can put into words what she’s done for my soul with her work, or existence. Make no mistake that everything she’s gotten she’s earned. A model human being, a pillar of integrity, a genius, living art, a fashion icon. What’s your favorite Solange song? Via: Solange Daily

The Importance Of Now

Time is of the essence. The days are long, but the years fly by. Now is all we have, the past is gone, the future forever elusive. A common regret of the dying, not making the most of each moment. Could you be more present? An exercise: next time you eat a meal savor every taste, note the flavors, textures and colors in your head. Via: I got feelings