On The Real Tip

SO I took the plunge and got acrylic nails. My nails don’t look like this, they are purple chrome, almond shaped and slightly shorter. As soon as I got them glued on I felt as my friend Porsche said, that everything in the room was moved over an inch. Usually my nails are cut super short, for cleanliness. I also stopped doing gel, because it destroyed my nails. Literally my nails were so thin it felt like looseleaf paper. I’m so sensitive to stuff like that, because your body is your temple. So I stopped getting my nails done until I could find an alternative (powder gel). This coming from a girl who has been getting her nails done religiously since age 11.

I mastered the art of acrylics a few hours after they were done. Here are my most helpful tips (no pun intended):

  1. Remember you have them on, that was the hardest part! I kept forgetting my nails were longer. This makes you cognizant of all activities from here on out.
  2. Use the side of your finger. Whether it be typing, opening something, picking something up, use the side of your fucking nail. Otherwise you’re going to break it.
  3. Use your knuckles when putting product in your hair, so gunk doesn’t get stuck under your nails. I read this on a website.
  4. Take your time when doing anything, honestly, if you try to rush with these babies on it will lead nowhere good.

These nails are major, worth it and everyone who has acrylic nails deserves an award. Navigating in the world becomes that much harder and still we rise. Photo: Miss Betty Rose

Winnie Monroe

After scouring social media for the best Halloween costume, Winnie Harlow as Marilyn Monroe is the winner. It’s sexy, glamorous and not the typical white dress that lifts up, or the diamonds are a girls best friend pink. Who had your favorite costume? Photos: Winnie Harlow

Now Is All There Is

People are born to die, you never know which day that will be. Accomplish as much as you can now. Now is all we have. Do you constantly put things off for the following day? Does it stem from laziness or fear? Artist: CB Hoyo

Sunny Bloom Inspiration

Look at Monday as a chance to start anew. Hit those goals, set new ones, enjoy a fresh start. Push yourself. How do you view the beginning of the work week, with dread or optimism? Change the narrative and look to each day with hope.


If two of my most basic needs aren’t met, I am the most savage person in the world. Hangry is when you’re so hungry, it makes you angry. I am one of those people who experiences this. When was the last time you were hangry? Literally two days ago for me. Photo: Old Hollywood Fans