Eric Adams Needs To Be Fired…

Immediately. He’s incompetent and stupid. Too busy galavanting around Hollywood, with his satanic friends and attending events to do his fucking job. He comes up with the infeasible idea to house migrants in a city with no space or funding. Too busy attending The Met Gala to be the mayor, or he’d have seen how idiotic his decisions are. With no solid planning of how to execute his pipe dreams, he literally cuts essentials for the citizens of this country: education, sanitation, police and libraries.
So now you want to turn the financial capital of the world into a homeless shelter, with illiterate, undereducated kids, while criminals run wild due to understaffed police…make it make fucking sense you clown. He’s a detriment to this country. Maybe if you and your partners in crimes Alvin Bragg and Kathy Hochul weren’t busy being corrupt, siphoning money for personal use, aiding in the Rat Soup scandal, endeavoring to attack a domestic violence victim, who had a hate crime committed against her (that’s me), you wouldn’t be fucking idiots. All of them need to go (read Corrupt Politicians Vol 1). Eric Adams just increased unemployment and endangered everyone in an already dangerous city. Which I think he’s done intentionally, since they profit from crime. These three are demonic democrats, harbingers of destruction to our city to fill their wallets. Three blind mice. Via: NY Post

Melanie Hamrick Is Hollywood’s Downfall

“You awful happy. Why you smiling so much? I ain’t never seen somebody excited to be here before. What you so happy about?”one of the black women locked in a cell inquired, laughing. Such was my joy, radiating out of me, permeating the room, putting the others in jovial moods too.
When getting my mugshot taken by corrupt Detective Gustavo Paul, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. The Detective being in awe of me due to my looks and proximity to Mick Jagger, was too enamored to comprehend the full gravity of her comments. The room was cramped, holding two jail cells and processing equipment. Several locked up ladies watched as they took my fingerprints and pictures.
Now he knows why I beamed.

That dumb ugly bitch fell for my plan. That’s what I was happy about. Melanie raggedy Anne Hamrick the rapist, pressed charges against me. In an attempt to get my evidence removed. She was granted a restraining order, because I was “stalking, harassing and threatening her.” Telling the authorities I was doing this via Instagram.
I did send those messages, every single one. I even wrote articles about it (read Things I Send To Melanie Hamrick & Me & Veeeeeefr AKA Melanie Hamrick). Knowing if she submitted said messages, like I knew she would, she’d incriminate herself for the murder of L’wren Scott. Accounts where she confirms being the reason Scott is dead, that she outsmarted Mick and feels no remorse for any of it.
Below is the front desk ticket from my arrest, two days before L’wren’s murder anniversary. Melanie with her ratty hair and ugly dark circled eyes, thought she was being funny. Bitch you could never play me, maybe Mick’s stupid ass family and friends, but not me.

Telling someone you’re going to beat their ass, feed their eye to their dog, commit all sorts of violent acts towards them is a crime. Had I been sending these threats to her actual account, or her business account, Melanie’s plan would have worked. However, I blocked Melanie, having no interest in her, like the majority of people. Those messages were sent to MULTIPLE fake profiles she created to stalk and harass me on. Communicating with me after I told her to stop. Keyword MULTIPLE, because after I blocked one fake account mentally unstable Mel would make another. Falling in love with me, trying to be my friend, minion even. YUCK. Exhausted by her hundreds of fake profiles to interact with me, I stopped blocking them and devised a plan.

Melanie uggo Hamrick, the Jagger’s, and Rupert Murdoch thought they were doing something. When the reality is you walked right into my plan, you fucking clowns. You’re all losers. Arrogant, stupid, losers. A joke. I grew up playing white women games, I know a Karen when I see one. I know racist idiots when I see them. I saw an opportunity at wealth and took it. Messaging other people about my stolen money and abuse made Melanie’s delusions, that I would give a fuck about her, credible. Orchestrated to perfection.
How stupid do you guys feel, Georgia May? Mick? Ronnie Wood? Sally Wood? All of you are predictable, basic, entitled, white people. Yawn. Child’s play. You didn’t think it odd my messages to her were violent, but not you? That’s because I’m the smart one, that’s a discrepancy I would have noticed. One you all are too stupid to recognize. Without me all of the Jaggers would be dead, with her unwanted murder rape baby inheriting Mick’s fortune. Which she would have controlled until he was 18. That’s why L’wren came to me, to save them. Stopping Melanie from doing the same satanic ritual to kill them too.

And yet here you all are, still dumb as fuck. Thinking for even a fraction of a second that I would want anything to do with you. Ungrateful pieces of shit. Thinking I would take you seriously, when you allowed an ugly loser to play you all for a life she black magicked her way into, at your expense. You can’t even control a weirdo and think I, a Goddess, Queen of witches, would let you tour, or miss you? After you disrespect the people who saved you? After you invalidated my life due to being racists? It makes me laugh out loud. You deserve everything coming to you.
Had Alvin Bragg the Uncle Tom read my articles he would have known this wasn’t gonna work out. But he’s lazy, an idiot, an ass hat (read Alvin Bragg Has Malicious Intent retaining order included). As “cute” as it is that poser fans (celebrities included) think their opinions have value, a series of serious crimes were committed. This is no joking matter, there are dire consequences. Melanie’s restraining order helped me take out half of Hollywood, certifying I was Mick’s fiancé and these famous people were attempting to lynch me if I didn’t join the Illuminati. Enjoy your time xoxo, Athena. Via: ItsJqBoo & Daily Mail

Lil Kim Queen Of Iconic Wigs

Being a style icon requires originality, few ever reach that status despite spinning webs of lies. Lil Kim is that, the Queen Bee always serves looks. Her wigs are like Picasso periods, deserving their own post. These are just a few of her hair serves henny. The designer logos dyed in are just another level of legendary. She’s so fucking major, even when she’s keeping it simple with a side swooped bang. Bold, fun, sexy, innovative. Which coif is your favorite? Via: Lil Kim Is Muva & Nostalgic_Eras

Remembering Moneybagg Joe

This is why I love and hate black people, because only we would take the time to do this b.s. Who actually did this? These Joe Biden pandemic memes had me rolling. For y’all to dead give him cornrows and a Newport fit, one pant rolled up on the tracksuit. Followed by the durag, I can’t. I really can’t. We’re the reason the memes and the internet are iconic.
Remember Donald Trump stopped giving money out of anger and refused to give hospitals the supplies they needed. Accusing them of selling mask and ventilators out back for COVID. A disease he blamed on the Asian community, calling it the Chinese virus. Causing a spike in hate crimes against all Asian people. More people would have died had he still been in office, so fucking save it. One country ignoring science, makes it a world pandemic. Lockdown would never have ended, so shut it. Via: Our Generation Music

Control Your Energy

Energy is everything, it can’t be destroyed or created, only transferred and transformed. Everywhere you go you leave and pick up energy. You are literally the company you keep, especially in these days of final judgement. Even I disconnected from the devil’s alignment, that shit spreads.
Control your energy, don’t waste it on nouns that lower your vibration.
Water what waters you, instead of letting energy vampires suck you dry.
Cleanse your circle.
Let go of what no longer serves you. It’s difficult leaving what you know behind, but worth it. No risk no reward. Via: Nataliee Namaste

The 4/11 On The 11/11 Portal

Some things to do tomorrow for that very important portal. If you’ve been naughty, don’t bother. For everyone else, may your manifestations come true. If you can, try meditating at 11:11 am or pm. 11/11 represents divine guidance when manifesting, intuition, insight, enlightenment, spirit. In love it stands for twin flames. In angel numbers it signifies new beginnings. If you’re seeing it repeatedly it means you’re on the right track. I saw this number all the time at the beginning of my spiritual journey, now that I’ve risen into my purpose, my power, not so much, I don’t need as much guidance. Truly stunned at how far I’ve come. Extremely proud of myself. Helping others vibrate higher is why I’m here. What do you want to manifest? Via: DivineStar_Tarot

Told You So: Kanye Isn’t Bipolar

Welcome to my new segment entitled Told You So, where I rub it in the face of the stupid that I was right. Kanye West is my first guest, he earned it. After that family created fake accounts to troll me three years ago, I documented it. I’m from the Upper East Side, I’ve been doing this since age 10 baby. I’m also the Goddess of war and strategy, keep up. Oh wait you do, that’s why the Kardashian Jenners copy me. Nothing about them is original. Skims, came from Beyoncé cutting her pantyhose, Kim Kardashian getting a tattoo and types of people they date currently, all me. Not an original thought in their airheads. Just satanism and glamour magic (read The Richest Kardashian Jenners… & The Love Witch Glamour Magic). I digress.

I said it once, I said it ten times, Kanye isn’t bipolar. The first time I made this statement was October 1st 2020. He only used it as an excuse to say and do hurtful, hateful things. After threatening Elon Musk, Musk decided to expose him via text exchanges on October 18th 2023.
Mind you after helping him troll me on account Betsey_RossTheSewer, the Kardashian Jenners tried to 51/50 him, which I stopped. Saving him from them taking his wealth, like they did his soul and fashion connections. There are no billionaires in this family. Just forged documents and paid media, like they’ve showed you. Let me save that for the article on how I helped take custody of his kids away. We’ve only just begun baby. Trust that racist, demonic family LOVES destroying major black people. Ruining Kanye, they’re quite pleased.

Kanye also said it himself the year prior, that he isn’t bipolar in the article below. Where he goes on a tangent saying offensive things about Chinese people, hypocritical things about satan, since he sold his soul for that succubus, and tells the Jewish community to forgive Hitler. Kanye isn’t smart, he doesn’t read. He thinks these white supremacist care about his n*gg*r thoughts. Hitler would have killed you, your alt right “friends” would have watched and aided. He went from being a civil rights activist, with talent to a belligerent clown. They just lie, say anything and y’all just believe them. Now he’s autistic, who diagnosed you? WebMD doesn’t count. Enjoy your time Kanye, you’re going to hell. MY TOYS ARE YOUR TOYS, PRACTICING ON THOSE IN THE DEVILS COLLECTION, THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES. Their entire lines. Xoxo Athena. Via: Glorified Gossip Girl

Article of a clown ranting:

Noor Alfallah The Legend

Although Clint Eastwood is a family friend, Noor Alfallah likes what she likes. Unlike Melanie Ratty Patty Hamrick, she’s connected to other suitors like the rest of Mick Jagger’s consensual picks. Despite coming from a rich family (she doesn’t need Al Pacino’s money), she is getting double what Ratty Patty was making in child support from her rape victim. Being beautiful pays, pretending to be by any means necessary, instead of getting the surgery for your uneven face destroys.

My favorite part of Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick) is the Veeeeeefr account, where I call her out on this and she blocks me, after responding to me from the account prior. Fucking loser. The SAME ACCOUNTS SHE SUBMITTED TO ALVIN BRAGG to commit perjury (read Alvin Bragg Has Malicious Intent & Alvin Bragg Is A Felon). Melanie Hamrick is a joke, who holds old men hostage after raping them and killing their lovers. Even when they have a real girlfriend bts, whom they vacation and plan events with. Mick never did that to L’wren Scott, despite what he believes she was his one true love, not me. His behavior shows it (read Melanie Hamrick Can’t Hang With DiCaprio & Melanie Hamrick’s Boat Don’t Float).
All the fake friends and fans, his brainless family, where’s the lie? Enjoy your time clowns. Via: DoctorPhotograph

How Toxic People Feel Power

Being toxic is a choice. Toxic people more often than not know what they’re doing and have no plans of changing. Unless they have a personality disorder, they know and enjoy testing other’s boundaries. It’s a game to them, your time, your mental health, it makes them feel powerful. It’s up to you to draw the line, by growing a backbone. If someone isn’t respecting you, ditch them. I said it once I’ll say it again, people are blocks or blessings to your abundance. Choose you. Choose healthy relationships.
I dumped all the people that fit this description and the rewards of doing so are more than I could’ve dreamed. Trust me kick them out of your life. Are there people in your life testing what they can get away with. How do they make you feel? What are you gonna do about it? Via: The Female Warhol