Aging Is A Gift Not Guaranteed

Growing old is a gift not everyone gets to experience. Love this Vogue Arabia cover for making the cover the stunning Andrée Acouri for her 80th birthday. She was the first international Lebanese model and I hope to look as glamorous at her age. Time, you think you have so much of it until a divinity cuts it short. Do you take time for granted? Do you feel entitled to it or grateful for it? Photographer: Kiki Xue

I Will Never Stop Running

Let me tell you something, if I see people running in public I don’t need to know nothing else, I’m out. I have, I will, continue to run with little to no evidence of any immediate danger. Sometimes I’ve inadvertently started the running. To be fair it was when we use to smoke in this girl Paulina’s staircase, it was a massive building all echo-y. Sounds would just be coming from anywhere, random clinks, doors opening and closing, the higher I got the more paranoid. When I thought someone was closing in I’d jet, my black friends would follow. Then one day one of the white girls was like stop, just stop, no one’s coming, we’ve been running for no reason. Blew. My. Mind. But who did the boy really belong to, Brandy or Monica? Via: Melanin Board

“Smokers Club”

Watching two people pull out Marlboro Gold’s at a stressful work day was the first time in a LONGGGGGGGGGG time I craved a cigarette. However I did not and will not cave. I was shocked by the urge. In the long run it wouldn’t be worth it. It took forever to quit, it’s been six years. Nice try satan. Do you have a vice it took forever to give up? That was just one of my many. Artist: Tall Ass Illustrator

Organizing Your Monday

Get it out of your head and down on paper, I swear it will give you a better grip on handling things. Utilize pen to paper more often and watch it change your life. Give it a try, write five things to do and five to worry about and whatever’s in between. Tackle one item at a time as not to overwhelm yourself. How often do you write it out? How does that correlate to your anxiety and productivity? Artist: Liana Finck

This Is Not A 90’s AD

An ad so good I thought it was from the 90’s. Raoúl Alejandre shot Kristen Nöel Crawley for Dior this year. Stunned, I literally tried to pinpoint this nineties supermodel cause I didn’t recognize her. I triple checked the year. Well done on all accounts. More, more, more quality work. Which photo is your favorite? Photographer: Raoúl Alejandre

What Witches Really Are, Prague & Celeb Satanists

Divine guidance is a blessing. One time at the beginning of the pandemic I lost faith and the universe stopped guiding me. I freaked out as it was for an entire two hours. When my faith was restored listening to a podcast regarding it, that you must believe before you see anything, the divine returned.

Shortly after stating Prague was on my mind I got a sign it’s where I must go. There is something waiting for me there, I do not yet know what. Something witchy for sure. One of their traditions is burning witches, not literal ones anymore, but pyres. It’s a Beltane practice to mark the warding off of evil spirits and negativity. Marking the end of hardships with the abundance of Spring. I wonder if I’m meant to go where witches are misunderstood and mistreated. Please look at the first photo and know witches are not satanist. Stop confusing the two.

Everything I said is coming to pass. Virgil Abloh is the beginning of many young deaths affiliated with the Kardashian Jenner West coven. You do not know when your sunsets, I’ve said time and time again. Those aligned with that coven and Melanie Hamrick, the darkest black magic practitioners will join them in hell. The blood moon was everything. My blessings, my reign, I want you to pay attention. Via: Moon Mystic Goddess & North East Tarot

Watch My Blessings Come In

The way the world works. What is hidden will rise. If you really look at Athena’s statues those are the positions of her hands. Enjoy your weekend keeping in mind whatever you do will always come back to you by three not two. Where are you on the wheel, have your actions led you to blessings or downfalls? Watch my blessings come in and remember I told you so. Via: Lucky Killll