A Snippet On Kidada Jones

Let’s just take a moment to talk about Kidada Jones. Looks like her mama Peggy Lipton, but keeps it gangsta like her dad Quincy. She lost both her best friend, Aaliyah, and the love of her life, fiancé Tupac. Needless to say the 90’s ended in heartbreak for her.
My favorite part is the foil character dynamic she has with sister Rashida Jones. Kidada is all hip hop and hood, while Rashida is a tad quirky and hipster. They just give such big sister littler sister vibes, it cracks me up. You can tell from their pictures together Kidada beat her up, but if you touched Rashida, she’d beat your ass.
I feel like Rashida’s the sane one in her family. One thing you can say about this bunch is they’re all cool as fuck. Via: KidadaLuvv & LuvvJones_

Melanie Hamrick Is An Ugly Joke

People magazine: Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick have been dating since 2014…”
When the black magic wears off and you’re death gripping pretty bitches, because you were raped by Melanie ugly Hamrick. All the publications spreading fabrications will be held accountable. You’ve forgotten you need journalistic integrity and now you’ve aided in obstruction of justice, a murder cover up, a hate crime and multiple felonies. You didn’t think I was gonna sue for defamation, libel and slander did you? No, you committed crimes far, far worse. Against a Goddess no less and queen of witches. You’re going to be a lesson no one forgets.
Mick dated Noor during said time period. He also dated me and is still in love. Melanie Hamrick is an ugly murderer, rapist, stalker, that’s why Mick stopped paying your child support bitch. Maybe if you were pretty you’d be chosen. Imma go in on her later today, including her trying to break into my instagram. The devil always comes to collect, especially ugly hoes.

Notice the difference, he was happy with L’wren, pick you where? You have nothing to offer. Bitch you’re ugly, broke, talentless, going to hell and jail. It’s an honor putting an ugly bitch back in her place, sans money. Haha bitch you’re cut off. Ohhhhh the post are coming honey. Via: Daily Mail

College Hill Season Two Is Top Tier

This is some of the best casting I have ever seen in the entirety of my life. I am oh so very happy. God is good, God is great. Waiting for the third episode. Ray J has always been my fave, he will never not be about bullshit. Never. I’m just so thankful to have New York on my screen always. Amber Rose is more high maintenance than I expected, but also it makes sense, she dated Kanye. Tbh I love it, I feel like prior to her being on the show, she was misrepresented. She’s highly intelligent from what I’ve seen so far and about that life. Sis throwing hands in class. No wonder Kanye was phenomenal with her, his best muse. Period.
Thank you all: O’Ryan (with your fine fine ass, those brother are top tier hotties), Parker McKenna (ight bet, ight bet), Joseline, the Puerto Rican princess (get an animal, the love they show is unconditional, most are better than humans), Iman Shumpbert (also get an animal and your 100% stoned or am I bugging?), and Kway (they already got you doing the most). Thank you all. This is how you do quality casting people! Are you watching? Via: Reality Chat

Min Jin Lee Trilogy

Min Jin Lee was at The Strand recently. On one hand I’m angry af, I would’ve loved to meet her. On the other hand, I admire her so much I don’t know if I could handle it. She’s one of my favorite authors. I’ve read all her novels, and am anxiously awaiting the third installment of her trilogy.
It’s not a trilogy in the traditional sense, where it’s the same characters carried over three books, rather it’s a singular thematic focus, the Korean diaspora. She starts off with Free Food For Millionaires and follows up with Pachinko, which still leaves me in despair. NOAH, why? After all she went through, after all we went through? Both vastly different books. Lee’s characters stain the mind forever. Have you read her novels? Which is your favorite? Via: Lee_MinJin

Mindy Kaling Aging Like Fine Wine

Some people are fortunate enough to get hotter with age, Mindy Kaling is one of those people. She’s launching a bikini collab with Andie Swim, to empower women and she looks damn good doing it. Also I love the beach, we know this. My favorite part is actually the confidence of beach goers. I fucking love that people come as they are, nobody gives a fuck how you look at the beach. You’d think it’d be the opposite, but it’s truly not. I’ve never seen anyone shamed, or shy. We’re all just soaking up the sun, slathering oils we brought, or borrowed from one another. It’s such a peaceful accepting place, nobody stops you from drinking, smoking, living your life. It’s utopia.
Personally never going topless again, although it was the only reason the cops didn’t arrest me for toking when it was illegal. From po-po to an orthodox Jewish man, I was gawked at to the point of perversion. An old man literally turned his chair to look at me, later stating I had big breast and giving me a thumbs up. I promise you, if you aren’t feeling confident go to the beach. However, if your feet specifically aren’t done, that’s when people judge you. Deadass. Are you excited for beach season? Via: People Style

Happy Mother’s Day 2023

Being a mother is probably the most important job in the world. It should be something that’s wanted, not forced upon women, especially teens. That’s why the Supreme Court will pay for the trauma they’ve caused, that’s why overturning that law was their deal. The Pope, has there ever been a woman? YOU don’t have a uterus, you allow the endangerment of children through sexual abuse and I’ve never seen you perform a miracle. I’ve performed many. I’m the only divine. Forcing babies is not God’s plan. I interfere when it’s important and this is that. Unless you guys want to fund these families, let me know. Y’all the same people aborting babies from affairs in secret. Keep the same energy. Also your hypocrisy is what turns people away from the almighty, who comes to humanity in many forms. So that people pick the relationship with Almighty God that works best for them.
Centuries of a boys club, telling women they are lesser, yet I’m divine and you are NOT. When were women allowed to read these text belittling them? Telling them, the portal between the spirit world to this one, a sacred task, they must yield to men?
*Rihanna was used, because I’m obsessed with their baby. He stole ASAP entire face.*
Who are you to restrict someone’s life, limit their options? Leave kids in unwanted hands to everyone’s detriment? Athena, would like to know, I’m the one saving the world after all. Unless you too have supernatural abilities, did I miss the memo on that? Via: ASAPXRobyn

Emily Meade And Matt Sukkar Get It

Quite possibly the only two people in Hollywood who understand all social components of my last Facebook status, from the celebrities to the people we grew up with outside the limelight. Combined they get it all, since Emily Meade didn’t hang out with Julia Fox, but me and Matt Sukkar did. Yet Matt didn’t go to middle school with me, Emily did. It’s super strange too, because I was doing my mascara and all these memories of Emily came back.
Emily use to ask me if my eyelashes were real, because they’re perfect. She use to tell me I was a double d, not a d cup (turns out she was right at the time), we use to call each other Liberty from Degrassi, we use to sing “I Touch Myself”, she always asked who had a crush on her, most of all she never made an inappropriate racial remark. Emily actually gave me confidence, telling me I’m pretty whilst my mom dressed me in baggy clothing, banned me from wearing fishnets and makeup, to prevent a teen pregnancy (like herself). She saw me as an individual, not a caricature. She was that wise in middle school. That’s probably why I watch almost everything she’s ever done, except the latest gig, because Amazon Prime is cracking down on password sharing and ruining my trades. I refuse to get my own account based on principle! If a bitch got my YouTube channel, I deserve the Prime, the fuck.

Matt I met in ninth grade. We clicked instantly, I’ll leave it at that. He’s iconic Syrian royalty gold bb. He use to send us the Azealia Banks videos he directed. Which goes into my next point. People be calling sis crazy, but she’s telling the truth about a lot of shit tbh. Julia Fox is exactly why Kanye lost custody, I directed Kim Kardashian to the pictures via text prior to Azealia and Julia getting into it in February. Melanie ugly Hamrick isn’t well connected like my socialite self, because she’s a nobody with no body, even with a legend. Imma just leave this here: https://tikleak.com/azealia-banks-accidentally-releases-sx-video-of-kanye-west-and-julia-fox Via: Getty Images

Check Your Lipstick Before You Talk To Me

Every time I drag someone to filth my heartbreaks. Without Naomi I wouldn’t be amazing at throwing shade.
“I don’t think so. I wasn’t letting that go, not with that lipstick color dear…Check your lipstick before you come and talk to me, because you’re wearing it!” Absolutely crestfallen I have to take her out. Someone told me they believed my friend and I were her children in a past life. If you saw us, trust me, it makes sense.
At the end of the day, I idolized most of the people I have to k.o for civilizations sake. This is what they mean by ignorance is bliss. Not knowing their true natures, just being a fan. Those were the days I’ll tell ya. As time passes, my heart becomes more callused about it. I’ve experienced their hatred, gave time and chances, to,d them how to save themselves. They earned this. A purpose is a purpose, period. Now I have to rectify how to let their achievements go undiminished, without supporting them. Life is indeed complex and paradoxical. Via: Super Models Fanatic

Bullet Points In Progress

A reminder to take it easy. Personally working on slowing down. I ran before I learned to walk, a theme/pattern in my life. Sometimes I’m so busy going from A to Z, life just rushes by. Understanding it’s the journey that matters is the lesson I’m currently working on. It takes patience & presence. Which bullet point resonates with you? Via: The Anxiety Healer