A “Peaceful” Transition

Honestly. I just have no words, this year is starting off crazier than the last. The upside is at least the coronavirus isn’t this unknown anymore and we’re prepared to combat it. Nor will their be a leader aiding in the murder of thousands of people, by downplaying science and spreading misinformation. How is your transition going? Wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance. Via: FailunFailunMeFailun

“America’s Civilized”

The masters could not bring water to boil, harness a horse, nor strap their own drawers without us. We were better than them- we had to be. Sloth was literal death for us, while for them it was the whole ambition of their lives.

Artist: Harmonia Rosales

Twenty Twenty One Thus Far

Well… week one was… something. I feel like 2021 is 2020’s messy younger sister. I have no idea where this is going between the riots, the false death of a Bond girl who then died the next day and so much more. I hope it isn’t as traumatic as 2020, but the universe will do what it needs to do. Which Ru sums up your feeling of the new year thus far? I’m caught between Afro Ru on my America is racist af and the last Ru, confused and apprehensive, but still showing up to show out. Via: Supermodels Of The World

Style With Jordan Tupak

No idea what this man does, but his style is solid. Of course he’s French, meaning even when his clothes are loose they’re still tailored to perfection. Jordan Tupak’s style is fluid, saturated and a look head to toe. Most of his outfits are suit like, as in the tops match the bottoms and the colors are the same, he’s not that print mixy. The fits are curated perfectly, he even makes it acceptable to wear socks with sandals in look four, which again all the colors are matched, the cloud to the pearl necklace, the hat/glasses/socks all pink with the blue sweater to pants.
Look five he plays with the safety pin belt accessory to the paper clip bracelet, with the lines of the Dior sweater pairing perfectly with the lines of the pants. I can’t even get into the lime green anarchy aesthetic DOWN TO THE BEARD and oversized Canadian tuxedo flex. He’s not wearing designer for designer’s sake, streetwear debonair. Which look is your favorite? Via: Jordan Tupak Instagram

Two For One Birthday

Today is the birthday of both Elvis Presley and David Bowie. Funny enough I’ve been picking up art is coming back, real art, not this void of entitled, gimmicky, fame hungry, clickbait shit. I’m talking the super stardom few here are carrying on their backs. The rising stars have been working and guided by the greats, but we’re still in a cleansing period for new things to grow and come forward. Enjoy the influence while you have it, many will be weeded out. Thank god.
Never forget 1983 David Bowie using his interview as a means to call out MTV for not playing black artists. See how he wasn’t being personally affected, but cares about equity and equality like a true legend. He didn’t need a movement and he wasn’t faking it. The days of the self serving, not here to change the world are numbered. Which icon do you resonate with more? Via: Music Monkeys

*He came with receipts (plus Michael Jackson made them eat it, P.S BLACK PEOPLE INVENTED ROCK AND ROLL nice try MTV): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZGiVzIr8Qg&list=FLf9E7t2XT3fEpk7s95hMUSg&index=373

Terrorist X Denny Ow

There are no words to describe this new low in America. White supremacists are terrorist affiliated with the Republican Party. Racist thugs. Seems like the only person playing the race card are the creators of the term: white is right and everyone else is subhuman.
The reason I make a big deal out of the people masquerading as allies, this is who they are and pretend not to be. They carry the same entitlement, the same complicity, the same lynch mob behavior, the same capacity for cruelty. Inhumane savages. How many more acts of police brutality and double standards are needed to understand Black Lives Matter? Photos: Denny Ow, Vanity Fair, Kelley Condon

Sorry Hurt Repeat

Make sure the apologies you receive from those who’ve done you dirty are sincere. This is why I do my three strike’s or less rule, it makes my life so much easier. Numerous people have been cut because they kept saying sorry after being violent, duplicitous, fake and out for self, no matter who they toppled on the way. My kindness was mistaken for weakness and why shouldn’t it have been? I allowed their pretend redemption for literal years. A cycle I started when I didn’t love myself, one that continued when I shed my self-loathing. I’m sweet, but I have my limits. Their remorse was inauthentic, many of them narcissist who loved the game. Allowing them chance after chance established a foundation of boundary breaking and disrespect. I deserve better than that.
Yes, they still miss me, because I’m an amazing friend who was taken for granted. The feeling however isn’t mutual. Is someone in your life saying “sorry” only to hurt you and repeat the process? Are you someone who does this? Why? Via: Feelings Bleed

Holding On Through The Grief

And in the end,
We are all just humans
Drunk on the idea
That love,
Only love,
Could heal our

Poem: Christopher Poindexter
Photographer: Kali Spitzer