Portable Brita

Another gem my business partner gave me, the portable Brita bottle! I take it everywhere with me. They have different variations, but this one is the best. It has a cap that closes, preventing junk from getting into the mouthpiece, you can carry it around by the little handle and it’s top of the dishwasher rack safe. Now I have filtered water all the time. Truly a gift when I was in New Orleans. On my first visit I discovered they live off Bayou water and my New York stomach wasn’t having it. I found nary a single recognizable brand, like Dasani or Poland Spring.

At this point in the climate game, buying a reusable water bottle is your civic duty. Stop wasting money and plastic by buying from the store. Reduce your carbon footprint, save the ocean and have clean water all the time.

The filter refills can be found in local pharmacies. I got my bottle and filters from Target, one of my favorite places in the world. Do you have a reusable bottle? Photo: Brita