Ouija: Not A Game Tho

Posting this gives me the chills. I have never heard a good story about Ouija boards and as a witch it gives me a bad, bad, bad feeling. First off these can and have ruined lives, this is a portal to the spirit realm and not all the spirits that appear are good. These are also hard to get rid of, I’ve heard real life accounts of people throwing them away only to find it back in their homes. Someone told me the only way to do it is to wrap it in red gift paper, then dispose of it. Why I don’t know? Others say you have to break it into seven pieces and bury it. What I do know is never break that glass, or burn it. If you do choose to risk it all, here are some cohesive rules when playing with fire like NEVER play alone, don’t let the demon escape and say goodbye properly!

Careful: http://www.ghostinvestigationteam.uk/ouija-boards.html

Have you ever played? Have you heard tales of terror? Via: This Witch Drinks Coffee