Mind Your Business Tho

This goes for family, friends, strangers who pretend to know me, miserable celebrities included. Unless you’re building a life with someone and other obvious exceptions, you don’t owe anyone an explanation on what you’re doing. I’m the type of person who minds their business, in fact I’m so busy doing so I don’t pay attention to everyone else. Unless you fuck with me, then you made the choice to be ripped to shreds. It boggles my mind how many people feel they can pry into your life; all I have to do is stay black and die. I’m an extremely private person, I don’t live my life for other people, I live for my purpose. Are there people in your life who make you feel you owe them an explanation? Who do you need to tell to back off? Are you someone who feels entitled to answers about other people? If so where do you get off? Artist: Square Sayings