Sex Esteem With Samantha

Be Samantha Jones bold when it comes to taking control of your sexuality. For centuries and still, depending on your cultural background, there’s been a stigma surrounding sex. Purity, especially for women, being valued over pleasure. When I started the liberation leg of my sex esteem journey, a pastry chef, Theresa, called me a slut. After confiding in her of my weekend escapades. Pointing out Julian, a co-worker/friend does worse, she replied “So he’s a boy.”
“How ridiculous,” I opined, holding her accountable, to assess our actions by gender. If I’m a slut, he’s a slut and she’s sexist. Why do women have to be judged at all? I asked before walking away, leaving her mouth agape. She didn’t have an answer to something she never thought about. Theresa was merely regurgitating what society taught her, no questions asked. Are you guilty of mindless herd mentality when it comes to sex and other areas of life? Or do you examine and question why thing are? Via: Capsule 98