Coping Without Copious Drinks

This is the first time I’m sober dealing with death. I’ve never coped sans chugging copious amounts of alcohol to numb the pain (since 14). I made a promise not to drink a sip of anything except water this week and wasn’t anticipating such a drastic change. It hurts horribly. Until this moment I had no idea how much of a crutch liquor is in these moments. I don’t know if I’ll make it. Just don’t want to feel this pain, just don’t want to feel anything at all. That’s how I know I’m suppose to do this. I have to keep busy.

Lara passing at such a young age has really shaken me up, she was so animated. Now she’s forever young. I need to make concrete decisions for my life, time is nothing to take for granted and I need to spend it better than I have been before it’s too late. Do you give up, or keep going when faced with a difficult resolution? Artist: Kehind_BB