The Pandemic’s Blood Supply Impact

Finally, I went to donate blood. I’ve been doing so since high school, it’s something I hold dear to my heart. One whole blood donation saves three lives. Just one person paying it forward in multiples. I hate needles, hate, but love giving back and tattoo’s. Speaking of the latter they’ve changed the rule, you no longer have to wait a year post tat to donate, it’s been shortened to three months. Had I known prior I would have been inked several times already. However, for the sake of the pandemic I refrained as it’s taken a drastic toll on blood supplies.

Please I implore you, get pricked for a cause.100,000 people, times the three lives their one visit saves, times the amount of visits per year, that’s how many people are being impacted. Are you a blood donor? And yes they need to amend the rule banning gay men. Blood can be tested now. Via: New York Blood Center