Style With Nina Sandbech

Bright and bold a sight to behold, influencer Nina Sandbech has one of my favorite styles. She doesn’t play it safe, rocking hues that if done improperly could be a fashion emergency. The key to her success is doing just a splash of color to catch the eye. Look one for example, all yellow with a splash of pink, she does the reverse in looks six and seven. Even in her ombre fit for look four, she follows the same algorithm.
Most impressive is her ability to make me do a double take for her athleisure wear, I’m not necessarily a fan of that style, but she makes it chic in look two. Her blazer giving it structure with its two tones, and splash of color purse. It’s also clear Nina loves a dramatic sleeve and/or cuff, look one again (loveeee that cuff), looks three and five (which give it architectural elements due to the structure of days sleeves, love the colored pant). Which look is your favorite? Via: Nina Sandbech