Why I’m Subpoenaing Melanie Hamrick’s Accounts

I sent one of Melanie Hamrick’s many fake accounts the government investigating me, confirming I’m Athena and Queen of Witches by blood. As you can see below I posted about Roe Vs. Wade on Dec 15th 2021, which is when they started going through my blog.

This gave her the idea to go to the same police precinct, to make up lies and start her own investigation. I thought it was the government still searching for something they wouldn’t find. However I did think it odd they sent me this on Valentines Day. Was Google being messy? Were they trying to hurt me on a day of love? But after last night it ALL made sense. Melanie was trying to be messy, that’s why this email is very different from the one in December. Which I didn’t even become aware of until January 15th 2022. Why did this one give a reference case, rather than the paper? Because this was Melanie thinking she can pile on to jail time that wasn’t coming, by creating a complaint.

Melanie makes this complaint attempting to get my post for L’Wren Scott removed. I originally posted this article on February 9th, as seen on my Instagram. Melanie kept having it taken down, I kept reposting it. On February 12th she finally gave up, which is why she filed a complaint on February 14th. Truthfully, I think the first picture of the Melanie Hamrick Writes Her Own Articles(click to open) was too much, as she copies the exact white slope L’Wren is on. Showcasing the full range of her insanity, after stalking, murdering and trying to be L’Wren.

Desperate to hide her murder rape crime, Melanie gives the cops a bunch of threats on her life from me. Having me arrested last night.

Except I blocked Melanie Hamrick ages ago, I would NEVER affiliate, associate, befriend someone so ugly, below basic, talentless, creepy, a loser…which causes her to create account after account to continue stalking me. In hopes of getting my approval. She showed them messages to her troll accounts.

The cops were amazing, treated me like the goddess I am, had me in and out in an hour. You should have seen their faces when I told them those were fake accounts she uses to stalk me I messaged, and her real motive was to get my L’Wren post removed. We all agreed to subpoena her (anything she deleted including her troll accounts can still be traced), and I was informed that I could prosecute her in the murder of L’Wren Scott. That’s exactly what I intend to do. What everyone needs to understand is I’m a divine, everything you do to me will back fire on you times three. If you’re good to me it will bless you the same.

Prior to the arrest I had no reason to go into her accounts, I asked Mick Jagger to do it for custody of the boy, by proving Melanie is mentally unstable. Now his fate is set, because time was of the essence. He simply didn’t want the baby that was forced on him.

NOW I am going to try her for the murder of Lwren Scott and put her in prison, where she belongs. Clink, clink bitch. Thanks for giving me the opportunity I’ve been begging Mick to give. To think you did it all to yourself. L’Wren Scott will have justice. If Melanie is this messy in the media, on social media, imagine what we’ll find in her phones, emails, computers…You’re time is UP! The devil has cone to collect you and your affiliates. You cannot escape your fate. Via: Saint Twenty Instagram