Interlude To Andy Warhol Diaries

If you’ve been here before you’ll know I no longer sleep with mirrors in my bedroom, unless it’s a vanity facing a wall. Definitely no full lengths mirrors, as they’ve given me creepy encounters every damn time ( read More Than A Mirror). I’m good. However there is one reflective surface to escape me.

Andy Warhol is one of my guides, always has been, same with Basquiat, but Andy’s energy is stronger. Deep in the throes of our relationship Mick Jagger and I messaged day and night, night and day, astral projecting into one another’s dreams. We could do a lot of things in 5d while awake too, like sex, part of why he won’t let me go. It was amazing, not gonna lie (the psychic was right though our souls were tied due to many past lives together, he’s not my twin, he’s too selfish to save the world). Anyways. One day I awoke from an afternoon nap to find Andy Warhol, in this exact look, looking at me.
How with no mirrors? Through the surface of a the doorknob. Kid you not.

We stared at one another for ten minutes straight. I moved my head this way and that; is this an illusion? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? But there he was tinted in gold, on the circular base the handle protrudes from. From his shoulders up, blocking out the background. He was curious about me, he found me interesting, then he left sensing my fear. I’ve seen plenty of ghost, but this was the first time via doorknob. The nuance of the experience is what really freaked me out. To be honest the full circle events are creeping me out currently. Yeah, I should be use to it, but it can be overwhelming. You have no idea the pressure my purpose causes. Have you ever seen the dead? I will be posting more diary excerpts. Via: Anina Arts