P-Valley Season Two Is Lit

This season is soooooooooo fucking good, I can’t even process. At the same time it’s giving me heart palpitation vibes, there’s so much that can go wrong. If you haven’t watched you need to get with it. Honestly, those pole dancers are artists, my anxiety’s as high as their stripper heels.
A synopsis for those living under a lame rock, P-Valley is about a strip club called the Pynk, which is close to being closed until it’s saved by a mysterious, shady, dancer. This season deals with the pandemic, which left them in dire straits again. I don’t want to give a lot away, but the music is major, the cast is gorg, plot twists abound, it’s well written and just a must see. There is nudity and sexual content so kids can’t watch. It’s also funny af. It increased Starz viewership by 1000%, not surprising, it’s quality art. Are you watching? If not you’re welcome. Via: VintageCouture_