Peggy Lipton My Skin Savior

This article changed my life. I was in middle school at my friend Joanna’s house flipping through magazines when I came across it. My jaw dropped upon seeing Peggy Lipton, I couldn’t believe she was anybody’s mother looking like that. Awe struck is an understatement. Her secret: staying out of the sun and moisturizing your face daily. I told Joanna we should start moisturizing our faces, as we discussed how unfair it is that men look better with age, while women look worse.
“You’re black, you’re going to look like that forever,” she informed me. True that, black don’t crack. “Plus if we start now it won’t work when we need it.”
“Well Peggy says it’s better to prevent wrinkles than treat them,” I replied.
The proof is in the pudding and the pudding was Peggy Lipton’s face; in that moment I decided I’d start moisturizing mine upon entering high school.
From ninth grade forward I’ve used Olay Complete Face Lotion SPF 15 religiously, that’s why a bitch look 17 without makeup. Not a wrinkle hunny. Bonus points, SPF keeps your face free of hyper-pigmentation by blocking the sun from darkening spots, causing them to fade.

Thank you Peggy for being my skin savior, I get praised for my skin often. I get carded if I’m makeup free at liquor stores, the cashier staring incredulously for longer than I’d like. I’m flattered, but also in a rush. RING ME UP. NOW. Live in the now, but always prepare for the future. Do you SPF? Via: People Magazine