My History With Sophie Turner

Now that the baby’s born let’s get it popping. Sophie Turner, how did we get here? From the top please. I use to adore Sophie, believing she was one of the most beautiful creatures I’d ever seen…on screen. Cut to Miss Lily’s, Joe Jonas and his group DNCE came in with some random blond girl. Of course I was his server. I use to have the biggest crush on Joe, but at this point I was dedicated to my false twin and in enough drama with men.
Joe Jonas couldn’t keep his eyes off me, devour is an understatement. To be fair I was wearing the same outfit I had on with Jordan Barrett and that red pencil skirt was skin tight. Every time I turned around his eyes were on my ass, he was oogling all of me, but my ass was his favorite. It made me burn inside he was so obvious. I was honored, but figured he was on a strange date since mad people were there. The random blond was chatty, complimenting me, just kind, but tbh she looked really old. Several weeks later Joe was engaged and I was confused, like he was just eye fucking me and with some girl. Turns out Sophie looks different sans makeup which is why I didn’t recognize her. She was the random blond! Stunned, stunned by her face irl. This is why she not only made Joe post this Miss Lily’s picture for her birthday in 2020 to antagonize me, but sided with the Kardashian Jenner West coven. She’s mad I didn’t recognize her and that her man was openly into me.

This photo is outside of Miss Lily’s 7a, not Soho where I served them. Leaving me in a predicament not truly knowing if she’s racist, or evil, but really just jealous. At the end of the day you’re one of those girls who fights girls on Jerry Springer over a nigga. GROW UP. I was respectful even though I didn’t recognize you and you’re lucky I’m a girls girl, because Joe Jonas looks hot af in person and in pictures. Take it up with him and not out on me. He’s the reason your kids are safe. I want to like you, you’re a pisces, but you proved to be a bozo. There’s no reason to side with abuse and then add to it, if you’re really about women’s empowerment act like it. After blasting you like this we might be even, we’ll see. You owe me an apology and a thank you for not bagging your man sis. Congratulations on baby number two though Joe. Ps Frankie is soooo cute, he’s growing into his own!!!! Their parents don’t make ugly babies. Via: Joe Jonas Instagram