Cat Book Titles

The accuracy. Jagger my cat is all of these things, she’s so smart people say she’s human. I would say my most embarrassing moment is picking her up from the vet post surgery. A literal professional opinion, “She’s a bit crazy and very dramatic.” This is why despite her beauty, she’s a gorgeous cat and a runt (meaning she looks like a kitten not an adult, although she’s 8), Jagger has no modeling future. She acts like you’re kidnapping her every time you lift her up, meowing, unless she wants something from you. She’s a diva and a con artist. Yet her biggest crime is being a Gemini, one day she’s sweet, the next she’s sour. Often I wonder if naming her something else would have changed her personality. She’s hilarious though, which only encourages her and she’s a hero. When I lived in that apartment Genc Jakupi set up, one of my roommate spies passed out in the hallway, she kept making a scene until I figured it out. This nigga was half out the front door of the building, lucky he wasn’t robbed. Which piece is your favorite? Artist: St.AfterCigs