Liquid Eye Can Ruin Your Life

Literally the exact precision needed to apply liquid eyeliner. My friend picked something up at Sephora before going to a birthday dinner, and was about to put liquid eyeliner on for the first time. I said hold up bitch, if you’re a virgin things can go south rapidly, devouring your time. She asked the first person she saw to do it for her. Smart girl. Liquid eyeliner makes blinking a matter of life, or death.

My mom never allowed me to wear makeup, yet I’d come home with eyeliner and mascara applied by my friends. Sara Tam always did it for me. Then Jennifer. Then Paulina. Then Lauren. Then I started doing it myself, let me tell you the liquid and eyebrow pencil learning curve can make you late late. Practice makes perfect though. I prefer pencil first, then applying liquid over it. Do you have any make up horror stories? Via: Helium Magazine