Skin Sinners Repent!

Guilty of one thing and one thing only, not washing my makeup brushes. I use to do it religiously, but I fell off a little bit. I also don’t wear that much makeup, certainly not as much as I use to. I’m officially going to end this bad habit! Starting today! Um actually tomorrow, I have to buy new cleaner at Sephora…totally lost mine. Furthermore I can’t stress the importance of NOT TOUCHING YOUR FACE, unless your hands are washed. Lauren habitually screamed at me for years, “STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE, STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE,” pulling my hand away each time. Not only did it make me aware of how often my dirty hands were clogging my pores, it gave me a complex. On some Pavlov’s dog type shit, I hear her voice, moving back when others attempt to touch my face as well. I mean you touch this, you touch that, you hold the subway rail, all that seeping into my pores? I’ll pass. Thank you Lauren, a lesson learned forever. Are you a skin sinner? Via: SkinCareGem