The Age Of Consent Housewives Edition

I was sold on this show with Vicki, Camille, Phaedra, Alex! The cast is giving unfiltered entropy, these aren’t demure ladies. What wasn’t on my bingo card, however, was Brandi Glanville sexually assaulting Caroline Manzo. Like what…?
Brandi going home early wasn’t shocking, I just thought it was due to a physical altercation. Apparently Brandi kissed Caroline, then rubbed her breast and vaginal area, sans consent. If this is true (I hope it’s not), Brandi should be crucified the same way a man would. It’s not cool, not at all okay. No means no, no matter the gender of the offender or victim. We can’t have these double standards. What other scenarios do gender roles create double standards? Via: Mr Housewives