Happy Pride Month 2023!

Republican politicians are right, Drag Queens are ruining this country. One time in an unwonted move my friends all got split up, going to different places after pregaming. While walking to whatever destination, my friend and I got swept up in a group of Drag Queens, who proceeded to: compliment us, boost my self-esteem, take us under their wing to the bar they were going to, refuse to let us pay for drinks, sang and danced with us. I mean who wants something like that to happen to them? It’s terrible to exchange love with other human beings…I’m being facetious for those who aren’t fluent in sarcasm. The above text is everyone finding each other.
Maybe if y’all had some LGBQTI members in your life you wouldn’t look so dusty, be miserable, irrational and oppressive. Drag isn’t the problem boo, it’s your hypocritical hatred. Via: ItsJqBoo