Happy Pride 2023

It’s more than okay to be queer and gay, you were born this way. Love is love.
About two months ago on the subway this Hispanic man started spitting on the floor, of course he was directly across from me. He then made it clear it wasn’t directed at me, as he started screaming, “Fuck you, you white piece of shit.” He was speaking to this unassuming granola, hipster and white man. Who was sitting minding his business. As the train let passengers on, this group of gay colored youths got on just in time to see this irate Hispanic man in walk down the car and spit on this white guy. They went off! Mind you there were white people on the train too, who remained bystanders. They didn’t help at all, the gay colored young adults on the other hand got it popping. They humiliated him off the train, calling him out to pick on someone his own size. You’re about that life with all the wrong people. They forced him off at the next stop. The white guy thank them profusely. Judge people by their actions, not the boxes they tick off, boxes you confine them too. Those LGBTQI+ were brave, heroes, who intervened when they saw someone being unfairly bullied. Learn from them. Via: Jerebear_87