Lakeith And Kasmere Stanfield

Everyone knows Lakeith Stanfield is my favorite actor, love his body of work, his artistic expression, gave up hope of marrying him after his first baby. Total transparency though- I wasn’t as intrigued by his personal life until Kasmere Trice came along. I was floored, gagged, dumbfounded when he ended the year with an engagement announcement. Only for it to be topped by a secret family announcement! Finding out about the engagement led his former girlfriend to expose he has a second child. It takes a lot to shock me, but I was shook! Only for him to knock me out again by sharing he’s officially married, and just welcomed a third child, with his now wife!
Not to be outdone, Kasmere Stanfield said no one will surpass me. The ring isn’t enough. Let me pop out a baby real quick.
Now she’s a wife, a mother and a stepmom.
This is iconic behavior.
Mind you they won’t reveal anything about their child, to prove a point about exposure (petty). Not even a birthday, because I’m trying to do the math. She didn’t look pregnant in December when the engagement was announced, but she’s a skinny bitch, she could’ve been three months in. Maybe the baby was premature. The mind reels.
She’s out of her mind for her man and has a vision for her family that won’t be played with. She’s bringing subtle top tier drama, major shade. She’s nuts. This is one to watch! Mark my words. There’s a difference between an actor, an artist and a star. A star is born. If you know you know. Via: People