Halloween Inspo: Charo

Being Charo for Halloween means doing the absolute MOST. I’m talking big hair, sparkles, heels, bold bright colors, ample bosom, legs for days, high energy. You can also go as demure Charo, with a power suit and Spanish guitar. When channeling this icon, DO NOT forget, everything is signature! From the unmistakable voice with a tagline to boot, cuchi cuchi, to the hair. The voluminous coif of bangs, tendrils on the side, a smidge of it in a high pony, the rest down and slightly curled, is essential. A fucking star.
Even though she did Thumbelina dirty, you can go as cartoon Charo. Only she could make a frog fab. No matter how you interpret her, you will look smoking hot on Halloween, trust. Which are you dressing as? Via: Queer Pride Festival, Ox And Snake, Jonny_Question, 60sKeef, & Official Charo