A Face Mask For Everyone

Okay I use to get this blueberry açaí face mask from Trader Joe’s and it was great. Out of nowhere they stopped selling it, leaving me an essential product down. I used it three times a week, along with my Aztec clay mask and sea salt exfoliator. Now more than ever I need it, because my face is healing from breaking out due to increased cortisol levels from a stressful job. It’d be quicker with the aforementioned aid.
Well after some research, I found a replacement. In a few days time I’ll be able to give a recommendation. Granted from the reviews it’s a sure deal. Very excited!! I love beauty products, beauty is power. The better you look, the better you feel. Exuding confidence can open many doors.
Feel good in the skin you’re in. Above is a guide to help you do so.
Self-care is health care, pamper yourself. Via: Skin Care Gem