College Hill Season Two Is Top Tier

This is some of the best casting I have ever seen in the entirety of my life. I am oh so very happy. God is good, God is great. Waiting for the third episode. Ray J has always been my fave, he will never not be about bullshit. Never. I’m just so thankful to have New York on my screen always. Amber Rose is more high maintenance than I expected, but also it makes sense, she dated Kanye. Tbh I love it, I feel like prior to her being on the show, she was misrepresented. She’s highly intelligent from what I’ve seen so far and about that life. Sis throwing hands in class. No wonder Kanye was phenomenal with her, his best muse. Period.
Thank you all: O’Ryan (with your fine fine ass, those brother are top tier hotties), Parker McKenna (ight bet, ight bet), Joseline, the Puerto Rican princess (get an animal, the love they show is unconditional, most are better than humans), Iman Shumpbert (also get an animal and your 100% stoned or am I bugging?), and Kway (they already got you doing the most). Thank you all. This is how you do quality casting people! Are you watching? Via: Reality Chat