What Is An Evil Eye Though?

Ight, so evil eyes, this I realize can be confusing to beginners of spiritual practice, because it’s double sided. Someone can put an evil eye on you, which is a hex; the Gypsy psychic Shanna placed a financial one on me. There are different types of evil eyes, like love, family, career, just bad energy directed towards you from someone who wants to fuck up your shit. Haters. This is why you need an evil eye, to protect you from evil eyes. See where the confusion comes in?

Evil eye jewelry is worn to ward off negativity, same with trinkets placed in the home. I got my first evil eye in the form of a bracelet from my friend Joyce. After disclosing what the Gypsy did to me, she gave me her own, ceremoniously removing it from her wrist and clasping it around mine.
“Which one is your dominant hand?…Okay this is going to protect you, when it breaks that means it stopped something from attacking you, it absorbed the bad energy.”
It broke on New Years Eve at Miss Lily’s, the one where I blacked out with no recollection of how I got home. Yet still made it to my brunch shift in time. I woke up with it gone, whatever came for me failed.

The second evil eye I got was a gold necklace, also broke at Miss Lily’s when I was around the director of operations Christian, but was still fixable. It broke forever interacting with this girl Cookie, who went from Serge Becker’s assistant to bartender. She was the most annoying parasite, just a vacuous loser who openly practiced the craft and kept trying to get pieces of writing from me. Urgh. She was two-faced and helped spy me.

Later on, I found out once an evil eye breaks you aren’t suppose to fix it. It’s done it’s job. Throw it out and get a new one. That doesn’t mean you have to spend your life in evil eyes, although it wouldn’t hurt, just when you find the vibe isn’t right. If someone or someplace, is giving you the creeps don’t hesitate to rock em. The fourth time an evil eye broke for me was last week. I’ll save that story. Anyways, I almost left out, you can’t accept evil eye from just anyone, like I did Joyce. People can use it against you; it has to be from someone you trust, as should any magical item, especially crystals. Do you own an evil eye? How did yours break? Do you need one now? Via: Eclectic Charge