Jameela Jamil Owes Kim K An Apology

Um Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be shortchanged on her accomplishments she also: used black magic and rituals to steal talented peoples energy (granted Kanye agreed to the exchange, looking at his lyrics before and after, side by side, is disturbing), used sex, lies, cheats, steals, pays the media, glamour magick, infiltrated black culture due to the buying power and trendsetting, White Man’s Burdened the justice system, bullied, is willing to do anything no matter how evil, and appropriates black culture, thank you very much! Not to mention intentionally send people to hell with her coven. So if you’re gonna say it, say it right, because that IS hard work. All women should aspire to be this way, oh wait…that’s why we’re reliving Atlantis, because they did. I’M BEING FACETIOUS. It’s so crazy, recently I was thinking how evil their coven must be that the story of Kekel Kardashian survived centuries as a warning, for this very moment? Evil enough for a goddess to incarcerate. Via: Pop Culture