How To Decode Dreams

So I did end up decoding my dream and it was lit. It pretty much confirmed that the cleansing I did worked. How did I decode it?
Firstly, immediately jot down the dream before you forget it. Then how you felt about the dream. I knew first thing it felt like the curse was reversed. I was right.
Then break your dream down into searchable pieces. Keeping in mind the sequence of events is how you should search. My mom had an egg, that was piece one, so I Googled eggs in dreams symbolism.
Go through multiple sites and scan each item thoroughly, because it will start general i.e eggs in dreams, then it will go into details: hatched eggs, bird eggs, person gave you the egg…that way you can find the specific answers to your subconscious.
Continue this way until all the elements are decoded.
My search went like this:
-Egg in dream symbolism.
-Bird egg: someone gossiping, verbally attacking you.
-Hatching: perfect outcome of something.
-Shell on floor: positive omen.
-Duck egg: prosperity is on it’s way.
-Baby duck: new beginning in your life, new chapter. Apparently ducks are rare animals in dreams.
-Duck egg: start of a relationship.
-Duck in water: amazing news
-Dark water: overcoming emotional turmoil.
Once you get all the essential elements: items, colors that stood out, animals and their meaning you can piece it together. Here was my dream post, so you can understand my search and do it on you own. Pay attention to your dreams. They give you the meaning of many things. Decode the last dream you had. Via: TheReal60sBazaar