Abbott Elementary Is Back!

So that’s where Quinta Bruson went, I thought, since she vanished from A Black Lady Sketch Show after one season. The plot revolving around four friends, seeking refuge from the apocalypse made her absence noticeable, but she went off to create Abbott Elementary. Bingeing the show a month ago, to see if it lived up to the hype,’ turned me into an uber fan. This show is hilarious, when her rapper boyfriend comes to perform at the elementary school I diedddd from laughter. Died. Shot in the documentary style of The Office and Parks & Recs, Abbott Elementary focuses on a group of teachers in a low income school, run by an inexperienced principle (Janelle James) who blackmailed her way into the job. Well written plots, well written characters, just brilliant all around.

Shout out to Aunt Dee (Sheryl Lee Ralph), for staying in these schools though. I see you Moesha.
Are you going to watch? Via: Egaines1000