I Need To Recharge

For the past seven years I’ve fought copious evil covens dolo, stripped desperate people of the ability to do dark magic, you got me f*cked up and didn’t recognize who I was because you don’t belong here, all while figuring out wtf is going on and being tested to grow into my powers. That’s just a fraction of my life. Tired is an understatement that doesn’t do me justice. I seriously can’t even produce I need to recharge so bad. So that’s my Monday mood, exhausted bitch. I can’t stay out of drama if my life depended on it, I’m in twenty different things for no reason. My patience is thin and at this point anyone can get cursed out. I was being private and nice, but that’s over. People need to be put in their place so let me assist you. Don’t EVER get it twisted and think I’m the one, ever. How’s the beginning of your week? Via: Jessica V Walsh