Vacation All I Ever Wanted

For once in my life I genuinely enjoy my job, no stress, no drama, chill people and it keeps me razor sharp. In part due to removing all these evil eyes off of me. Ever since I cleansed myself nothing can get my spirits down and the universe has been doing things for me. Now I have one more obstacle to face, Prague. My friend has a house there and raves about these underground tunnel clubs I’m dying to see. That’s where I’m going on vacation by any means necessary, I don’t care who I have to ruin anymore. I come first. I have been reasonable and kind. Being ruthless seems the only route and if a twin doesn’t come into service he serves no purpose, which means there’s nothing worth protecting.
After Prague, I want to go somewhere warm ideally, but I’m open to anything. Just really excited for everything to fall into place so I can finally be free of any turmoil. Where would you go next? Via: Blondes Stuck In The 2000’s