Killing The Ways Of Old

If you are filled with hate and hell bound, you will know when your time is nearly up. The demons who take you to eternity will start to enter your sleep. Was it worth it? No. You can’t take the money with you, can’t guide your loved ones in this dangerous world, or watch over them. You won’t even be able to see what you’ve worked so hard to achieve, it is all for not. A good reference point is the movie Drag Me To Hell, where she chooses money over helping a woman keep her home and couldn’t escape her fate. Look around, have you not seen the bigger picture in humanity, that justice and karma through social movements and more are killing the ways of old? That things beyond what some thought possible are occurring? Did you not wonder why? And where do your values align? Where you align is where you will fall, as I’ve said before and I will say no more. Via: The Fairy Art Mother