Robert Plant Superlative

Ladies and gentlemen the sexiest voice in rock n’ roll goes to, Mr. Robert Plant. Have always and will always feel this way. You listen to him in Black Dog and Whole Lotta Love and tell me the strain, the grunts and groans isn’t hot af. Am I right? Who does it better? Via: Daily Robert Plant

Happy Belated Birthday Jimmy Page

I’m days late, but happy birthday to Jimmy Page. The extreme dark to Plant’s golden hair light. Founder of one of the greatest bands ever, granted in his times of terror his ego led him to some lengthy guitar solos in concert. What’s your favorite Led Zepplin song? Via: Rock_Y_Glam

Happy Birthday Robert

The light to Jimmy Page’s dark, the golden hair god (sorry Roger Daltrey), happy birthday Robert Plant. Nobody moans and wails like you. I don’t know why people don’t rock this look for Halloween, or the “Nurses Do It Better” tee. What’s you favorite Zepplin song? Via: Music Aint Dead