Enough Men Keep Us In Fear

Thinking about following a girl after catcalling to no avail? How about don’t, it’s aggressive, demeaning and it scares us.

Wanna berate us, curse us out, because we declined your unsolicited offer to hook up? How about fuck off, we’re humans with our own agenda’s, our lives don’t revolve around some horny, ill-mannered, uncouth stranger. How dare you.

Feel like talking aloud to your friend about the dirty things you’d do to MY body, as if you’d have a chance? Or talking to me when I’m talking to someone on the phone, have my earphones in? How about don’t interact with me.

Women want to feel and be safe, not go to the bathroom in mass exodus as children in fear of getting snatched, not turning our heads every which way when journeying home fearing murder, or rape. Artist: Vulgar Drawings