RIP Colin Powell

Now I don’t align or agree with his vibe, but this quote is the reason I’m posting it because of where we’ve been. More importantly where we weren’t allowed to go, ahem:

“He came back evil. Not because of what happened overseas but from what he saw on his return. He loved the army, and even received a commendation for a letter he wrote to his captain about inequities in the treatment of colored soldiers. Perhaps his life might have veered elsewhere if the US government had opened the country to colored advancement like they opened the army. But it was one thing to allow someone to kill for you and another to let him live next door. The GI Bill fixed things pretty good for the white boys he served with, but the uniform meant different things depending who wore it. What was the point of a no-interest loan when white banks won’t let you step inside?”

Thank you for your service and being the first black US secretary of state, a dream lived. Via: Maurette B Clark