Must Read: Seven Days In June

At just 17 years of age Eva becomes an accomplished author, publishing her young adult series Cursed. The novels center around a witch and vampire who fall in love. Every time they have sex though they’re banished to opposite sides of the world. Undeterred they fight their way back to one another, for the cycle to repeat itself. Much like Sisyphus pushing the bolder up a mountain. Book 15 is expected any day now, but Eva remains uninspired. The series becoming her gilded cage, its afforded her a life of luxury, like sending her daughter to private school, but she wants to work on her passion project. Not wanting to disappoint her cult following she sells the rights for the series to become a movie, giving her the financial security she needs to follow her dream- uncover the history of her maternal lineage. Interesting since she herself is a mystery to those around her. She never talks about her upbringing, or the debilitating disease that ruined her marriage. Until a former lover and literary luminary reappears in her life. Shane, the critically acclaimed bad boy of lit. His presence unravels the inspiration of her novels and past. Eva isn’t even her real name.

Honestly, this book has so many layers I’m not doing it justice. First and foremost it’s hilarious, like paragraph one I was cracking up. It’s an exceptional story that shows the full spectrum of black humanity, rather than tropes. There’s drug use, sex work, mental health, generational curses, perils of parenting, the integrity of artists and endless mirth. So good you’ll want to read it again. Tia Williams did that shit. Top tier, read it. Via: Tia Willams Writes