Fully Experiencing The Day

Honestly, there’s a huge difference between getting through the day versus fully experiencing it. Being tethered to the present is how you do the latter. Getting through the day means your mind is in the future, you’re too busy thinking of the next task to be in the now. Being present is difficult, you’ll notice when you endeavor to do it. I accredit my “be here now” mentality to meditation, first and foremost, yoga and reading The Power Of Now. The practice of being present vanquished my anxiety.

What does being present feel like? Serenity, suddenly you’re mindful of the human experience, filled with gratitude for the minutiae. Turning a faucet for water, as opposed to walking painstaking miles. You’ve done it a million times, but when you’re mindful of it you’re aware it’s a blessing.

What does being present mean? Being fully invested in the moment, mindful, as in you’re not thinking of the past, nor the future. You fully immerse yourself in the sensation and sensory information of the current. You’re thinking about what you’re doing, not what you did, or what you’re going to do, and you’re doing it with intention. It’s almost like outer body introspection. Do you get through the day, or fully experience it? Try thinking of what you’re doing as you do it i.e: I’m getting out of bed (how do the blankets feel? Is the room warm?), I’m walking to the kitchen to make breakfast, I open the fridge in search of eggs…narrate your moment, you’d be surprised at how much you miss when you’re doing one thing, but your mind is elsewhere. Via: My Easy Therapy