My Sugaring Experience

Rudimentary waxing isn’t for me. Lasers are amazing, but I’m pretty sure the hair grows back during pregnancy, making me a die hard hard waxer. Shout out to Wax Club, their stellar service and complimentary champagne, all of which makes me feel like a jerk for my venture into sugaring. My friend put me on during the pandemic as she tried and failed- as predicted, to service herself. Kudos to the people who can inflict pain upon themselves so easily, you probably save exorbitant amounts of money (also pride, seeing as you’re spared from spreading eagle in front of a stranger). We aren’t them, thank god for professionals. So was the sugaring experience worth the hype?


Not gonna lie, I didn’t enjoy the friction created by the mixture being applied against the direction of growth. Very uncomfortable for me, but it was less painful than hard wax and did indeed catch every hair. It takes a little longer than wax, but it also takes longer to grow back. Sugaring has a new convert. Which do you prefer? And while we’re on vaginas and female reproduction, or my feelings on most things, it’s all here. I’m done talking, it’s time for doing. Via: Sugaring Paste