Ways To Age Gracefully

Every Sunday we put on an Aztec mask, composed of clay, apple cider vinegar, and warm water. It’s one of my favorite beauty routines, stripping my face of all that needs exfoliating, while tightening my pores. You’re only suppose to do it once a week, that’s how strong it is. Leaves my face soft and glowing.

While we’re on the subject, here are some ways to care for your skin. Decrease alcohol should be up there in addition to quit smoking. My skin looks a million times better now, than it did when I was consuming copious amounts of drinks, drugs, and inhaling cigarettes. Yeah I was using SPF face lotion everyday, but you are what you ingest. If you’re polluting your body it’ll show in your skin. Think about it, serious drug addicts always sacrifice their skin, pores, blemishes, just a mess in mugshots spanning the years.
I also cut out fast food, sometimes it’s a bummer, when the scent of McDonald’s fries wafts through the air, and you can just taste it. If I eat it I’ll get sick though, that’s how much my lifestyle change affects my body. Can’t stomach crappy food. Not Dollar Pizza, Cup O’ Noodle (urgh), ramen noodles with my own broth (it’s the noodles guys, they’re practically made of plastic, I miss it), greasy take out from cheap hole in the walls, Burger King, none of it.

In summary, I can always tell by someone’s skin when they drink too much, like the collagen thins. Take care of the skin you’re in, aging doesn’t have to be scary. Sleep well, drink more water. Although I haven’t tried all these, I’m ecstatic about having options. Which will you add to your routine? Via: Plastiq Mango & TheDallas Esthetician