Make America Great Again

Obsessed with this! Amazing job Ralph Lauren for giving representation to the true, original Americans of this country. THE most American ad EVER. I hope to see more representation beyond Native American Heritage month. There simply isn’t enough and their voices and stories are integral to this country’s history. Updating this blog I’m often frustrated with how little I find for certain ethnic groups. America isn’t just black and white. When’s the last time you saw a full Native American campaign, or representation in any capacity? Via: Topash Shkarr

Made Into Bridle Reins

“And yet it was here that ‘Native Americans were occasionally skinned and made into bridle reins,’ wrote the scholar Charles Mills. Andrew Jackson, the U.S president who oversaw the forced removal of indigenous people from their ancestral homelands during that Trail of Tears, used bridle reins of indigenous flesh when he went horseback riding.”

Via: Topash.Skharr