Where Is Your Mind?

For me the most apt heads are intuition is real, if someone is giving you a bad vibe dip no matter what anyone else says. Energy does not lie indeed. The other head I’m torn between is a negative mind doesn’t lead to a positive life. Right now despite what seems like chaos I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Whatever my stepdad put on me has been lifted and all my blessings are coming in. I kept getting cards saying a “friend” was low vibrational and to stay away. They left me feeling drained with the lies, gossip about friends no less imagine what’s said about me, competitiveness, constant arguing…as soon as it was released all I wanted started to appear. This experience solidified the cards never lie, pay attention and if you’re like me give them a test to see their true colors. Where is your mind? Which resonates with you the most? Via: The Pulp Girls