Boozing On A Budget

Pregame Is Lit

If you’re doing your twenties right you are learning that a dollar hard earned is easily spent and will find yourself broke AF at various intervals (special shout out to the starving artist, entrepreneurs, entry-level employees, the college kids and the interns). Like a double edge sword you want to relieve stress by drinking, but you need to make that dollar stretch. So here are some simple ways to booze on a budget:

  1. Pregame- The sacred ritual of meeting up with your friends at an agreed upon location to drink before the nights debauchery. Boy does this save you money. Usually you end up splitting the bottle with others, so you will spend maximum $10 for a whole BOTTLE, as opposed to the $16 you pay for ONE drink at a bar.  WORSE the $300 bottle service clubs demand you to purchase just for being there. Ideally you want to pregame at someone’s apartment, but sometimes one doesn’t have that luxury. In that case you get crafty, my friends and I would go to McDonald’s, buy a meal, chug half the soda and fill the rest with liquor we’d snuck in (someone’s purse or jacket to be poured under the table, or in someone’s bag).
  2. Walk N Sip- Get a bottle of soda, drink or pour half and fill the rest with liquor honey. When push comes to shove stand in a random doorway, vestibule, or have someone block you while you do what you need to do. Now you can walk around discreetly sipping, out here in these streets.
  3. Happy Hour- Happy hour changed my life, an amazing perk of legal age drinking. Usually it spans from 4pm-7pm. The deals are so varied and plentiful, there are so many places to go. My favorite is easily an all day happy hour; a close second is the late night happy hour.  
  4. Imps- Buy a few small liquors and bring them to the bar. When you order a whiskey ginger you can top yourself off with an imp. I honestly don’t know why we stopped doing this…
  5. Classic Flask- I mean, this is pretty self-explanatory, don’t get caught kid. 
  6. B.Y.O.B- Bring your own beverage, this usually pertains to wine or beer. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen anyone bring hard liquor. Some places have requirements on how many bottles and how big the bottle can be, so check those guidelines.  Happy boozing babies.