Do You Boo

Joel Annesley

As the eldest in my family, I’ve always carried this pressure of being the one to provide. I want to give my parents the life they gave me, but better. So they know that their sacrifices weren’t in vain, that I took what they gave me and soared. After a plethora of internships I decided on public relations. It was a safe bet; every business needs a publicist, plus there’s copious amounts of drinking, tons of money, events are plentiful and the freebies are limitless. But, if I were honest with myself my true love lied in being a writer and an entrepreneur.

Society has a way of telling you how you should live your life. That if you aren’t doing what everyone else is doing (going to college, getting a degree, finding a secure job…), or hitting certain age markers (getting married and having a baby before 30…) you’re failing. It’s hard to follow your passion in a world that finds you less threatening as sheep. It takes a certain amount of inner strength to stray from the crowd, but it’s worth it. The moment I decided to live my dreams, I got a tattoo on my forearm. Countless times, I’ve spoken with my mother on appearances factoring into professionalism. A few years ago having piercings and tattoo’s in noticeable places hindered your career. This was a bold move. A move that said I planned on living life exactly as I envision it in my head, no matter what anyone else believed.

The truth is you only get to do this once. There are no repeats.


You’re as unique as the snowflakes that fall, the prints on your fingertips, the dawn of a new day and so is your path. Each of us have a divine purpose, a reason for being and it’s up to you to discover what that is. What everyone else thinks is irrelevant. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, all that matters is that you feel fulfilled and happy.

Having the courage to do you makes all the difference.