Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Which is more important, time or money?

Stuffing our faces with a breakfast of fried chicken, eggs and some unidentifiable red gunk, Lee confided in me. Her new boo was co-owner of a sustainable cooperative farm, which she’d gained a newfound interest in. But being a Park Avenue bartender sponsored a very cushy lifestyle, coupled with a 401k, a seemingly unreal healthcare package and paid vacation (allotted time off increasing yearly). To leave would dent her finances significantly.

Time,” I answer.

You can always make money, but you can never get your time back.

“Wow, that was deep. How is it that you say the wisest shit, but you’re so ratchet?” Now that, I didn’t have an answer for. Someone once told me I’d been here before. This wasn’t my first life. Agreed. Even in high school people were annoyed I could see past tomorrow; dismissing their current melodrama as infinitesimal. Ahead of the curve, the bigger picture was always in view.

Later that week she gave notice, absconing a seven year stint. When she came to visit happiness beamed from her, like rays of sunlight it was blinding. She found her purpose.

Now I am asking you where do you place the most value, time or money? How much merriment does it bring you?

Don’t let them fool you. Money comes and goes.

Time just goes.

How you utilize it is important. It correlates directly with your happiness, the only currencies that truly matter.