Yin Yoga Lessons On Time

Salem Mitchell

All my life I had two ultimate body goals:
1. Pull A Haimowitz- Tina Haimowitz (the tallest girl in my year after me) won the sixth grade limbo contest. The stick was only a small child can make it low, she defied all odds. The crowd roared.
2. Do a split in both directions.

“I’m more flexible than you and I’m 60. Geez you are so stiff; it all comes from your lower back.” My chiropractor gave me a technique to loosen up my hamstrings. My inflexibility was notorious, I can’t even bend my finger.

I took his advice and combined it with my daily workout routine. Determined, I started doing yin yoga two years ago. One move requires you to place your legs, over your head, while on your back. Day in and day out my legs hovered like 2 feet from my head. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a few weeks back, my toes touched the floor!!!!!! I absolutely could not believe it. For a second I didn’t understand what was happening and thought I twisted my body in a damaging way. Such was the shock of my toes feeling the ground FINALLY.

Can I do the splits and bend over backwards? NO, I still can’t, but I know one day I will. It took TWO ENTIRE YEARS to nail one move. The joy of that moment was worth every second of practice. Always give yourself time, keep going, practice makes perfect.

What’s something you want to do, but still haven’t mastered? How much time are you willing to put in?