That’s My Type

“Fat ass.”
“Big boobs.”
“Not too muscular.”

Ever notice external things are the answers when people are asked what they desire in a mate? You definitely have to be attracted to the person you spend your life with, but superficial priorities lead to vapid partnerships. Suddenly everyone is confused by the break up, because you never checked the right boxes, the ones that matter. When asked what you’re looking for in a life partner, a soul connection, appearance should be secondary to:


Binge watching Love Island.

People so desperate for love they resort to reality television to find it. They get coupled up with another contestant, sometimes through settling, sometimes through initial attraction. As the show progresses newcomers enter the villa. Despite someone being ‘their type on paper,’ they stay with the person who gives the best banter. I don’t know they quip in their assortment of British accents, there’s just something about them.

I too use to chase after my type, give me a rocker boy, an artist, or a musician please and thank you. Now I want someone who loves to read, a cinephile, travels, respects and accepts the expression of my sexuality through fashion. There are millions of striking humans, but the za za zoo is intangible.

Are you seeking someone for their physical appearance, or the integrity of their soul?

Photo: Dolce Masha