Corona Virus Correlates To Critical Thinking

The media frenzy surrounding this pandemic (a disease with a wide geographical spread) has left a lot of people scared for their lives. Apocalyptic visions hyped by the media’s need to get those attention grabbing headlines, that talk of preventive measures, death tolls, infection rate and which A-list stars have tested positive. A very myopic and dangerous distortion of world news. Not at all focusing on the full range of statistical data.

Currently there are 134,670 people infected, 4,973 deaths and 69,142 people who have recovered. What does it mean? The state of the world is not as grim as it looks.

134,670 is such a small percentage of six billion people, it barely registers.
69,142 people recovered means they now have the antibodies to fight off the disease, making them immune. Just like how you got chicken pox and you never got them again. Your immune system collects diseases to recognize them and protect you.
4,973 people have died unfortunately. Making the mortality rate 3.4% which isn’t as bad as other outbreaks. The swine flu, for example killed 12,469 people in five months, over a larger age demographic (anybody could get got). Whereas the Coronavirus death toll consist mostly of elderly people and those with autoimmune & respiratory diseases.
Italy has a high rate of senior citizens, so their death toll is made up largely of people in their 80s and 90s. However they do not have enough hospital staff to give attention to everyone, which is a confounding variable (look this up, an extremely important term in science).

All and all even though we will recover our pockets might not. People unable to generate income, but must continue to pay bills for thirty days will incur debt. Unless the government steps in to give aid as they have done in Italy, but this is America so…

Fear is the quickest way to mobilize people, the first thing I learned in marketing class. Instead of taking a full scientific approach to the matter, people are ignoring facts and letting their emotions run wild, regurgitating the media. Critical thinking, asking questions no matter what, is essential to the truth and your civic duty. Unfortunately we live in a world where it’s easier to take selfies, let corporations think for you and react off emotions not logic, despite access to information.

Here are some articles to give you the complete sense of what’s going on. PS China has reopened their stores.

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